Xbox Quick Play

So I read or at least thought I read that Xbox wasn’t getting quick play bc player base isn’t as much as an issue but when I signed in yesterday there it was. I’ve scoured the forums looking for it but I can’t find it. Was this true at one point and cancelled/changed later or is my memory wrong? I really feel like I saw it.

Live was having issues

Thanks.when did the issues start. It seemed fine to me and I don’t remember them changing the plans or at least announcing it.

If I’m not mistaken (I usually am) I think they had to do it on Xbox as well due to parity issues (between Xbox , PS4, and PC all needing the same matchmaking framework). But the original plan was that they were not going to do it on Xbox. I saw no mention that thy changed their minds about it, but alas, the queue has been changed.

It made me sad as I strongly dislike capture and that’s in my meltdown rotation now :worried:


yes, jythri found out their contract makes them have to have the same queues on consoles.


Thank you now I don’t feel crazy like my mind made things up. Still crazy in different ways though lol

OK awesome thank you