Xbox says i dont own BL3 no more?

i bought the super deluxe edition in april, played for the past month and then today i come home and it says i dont own the game anymore… checked bank account never refunded still says i paid for it a month earlier. anyone ever have this happen to them. literally was in chat (xbox) for an hour to prove to them i paid for it and now they say i have to call them up in the middle of the day for someone over the phone… seriously pissed right now ughhh.

Did you buy it through the XBox store or via a third party site?

On Xbox one console through Xbox store

So there should at least be a record of your purchase with MS then. Hopefully you can get it all sorted out. Not sure there’s much can be done from Gearbox’s end as MS has all the needed info in this case.

Pc and playstation have verify content options that fix this, look up if xbobe does too

Said to clear cache tried that still nothing will call them in the morning when they open up.

What does it say when you go to the store page and click on the item card for the version you purchased?

Also, I would be surprised if clearing the cache fixed this. This is more complete factory reset territory, but I’d want to be sure there wasn’t a more obvious explanation before I went down that road.

I’ve been scratching my head trying to think of why the game might have disappeared like that and not come up with too much. Among them would be:

  • issues with the credit card transaction (might be worth contacting your CC and asking them to check on the status of the purchase)
  • account issues (bought on one account that wasn’t primary for the XBox and then that account removed from said XBox)

The first of those wouldn’t necessarily show up on your statement straight away? The second I’m assuming you’d already know about if it applied so you wouldn’t be asking here in the first place.

The consoles get wonky if its not a disc and the game is downloaded. My ps4 did this with horizon zero dawn and a few other games. Blizzard also did this to diablo 3 for me on pc. Idk how but systems just decide you just dont own it and you need to verify content which is nice that epic and steam have.

First time dealing with this. Talked to them over the phone they said the transaction never completed. I asked how it would take over a month for them to say this… No response… Lol. I said it has been paid by my bank I can see the transaction on my checking account. You have to call your bank is all they kept telling me . So I filed for dispute on the payment have to call chase tomorrow. Ordered the game through Amazon will be here on Tuesday . I’ll never buy digital through Xbox again.

Honestly, after a snafu with a credit card and MS’s stupid subscription setup I adopted a policy of buying MS points at a local store, then redeeming that way. I never carry much of a balance either.

One thing I learned during that episode (which resulted in my card getting locked) was that game-related purchases (XBL, PSN, Steam, etc.) are a huge source of fraud and other complaints to CC companies. So I’d rather deal with a bricks’n’mortar store than go through that hassle again.

ya i was gonna go buy it but none of the stores in my area are allowing curbside pick up or anything do to quarantine lol ><. but ya im with you on that one i have never had any problems with blizzard so wont worry about them for the time being , but with MS im going to purchase cards/games from bestbuy etc