Xbox season pass not downloading

Hi All
I brought Super Deluxe Edition. I put code supplied in box into XBox and all the pre order/deluxe edition content downloaded except for the season pass. If I look on Microsoft store it say I need to buy it. It’s not showing on download list or in game. Anyone have any info please

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Same hear. Only got boost pack and some weapon skins. This sucks!

Exact same problem. No extra missions. No season pass.

Same in France hope they fixe this or they got to refund us

I bought the super deluxe edition as well on xbox , everything else downloaded but the season pass did not , I sent a support ticket to gearbox but got no reply back yet .

Gearbox have also said absolutely nothing about the season pass issue .

I spent a lot of money on the super deluxe and then the season pass was not activated; impossible to download on xbox one

See reply in the other thread you posted in: