Xbox series x controller not working

when using xbox series x controller, the game detects the controller and changes the UI, but the game dosent regonize the input for the controller.
the controller works fine in other games.
i have tryid the verify and reinstalle the game but it didnt work - any who have a solution??

I had some issues using an Xbox elite series 2. It would randomly disconnect every few minutes.

Can’t speak for the series x controllers, but newer Xbox controllers in general have issues through bluetooth.

I solved my issue by getting a wireless controller dongle. Let’s you use headphones with the controller as well.

Can generally pick one up around 20-30 usd. Just avoid the older adapters, they are larger and have their own set of problems.

Also might try installing the Xbox accessory companion app from the Microsoft store if you haven’t already. You can use that to update the controller’s firmware.

I’m having exactly the same issue, I did the update of the controller plus all the rest with the same issue
controller appears to be connected but not responding

I solved the problem.

It seems like the game thought that my “razer tartarus pro” was a controller, so after disconnecting the device and turning off and on the Xbox controller it worked

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