Xbox Series X Crashes

Since release day my Xbox X and now Series X constantly crash my console. Now to add insult to injury I get near continuous crashes since the last patch which start as a black screen then shuts the consoles(yes both consoles) when I fast travel into Sanctuary. I’ve ever experienced this with any other title and the answer I keep getting is “we are aware of the issue”. Thanks Gearbox you’ll never seen another dime of my money…


I was playing with my friend a few minutes ago. He’s on Series X and I’m on PC. When we jumped to the first real boss ( Mouthpiece ), his Series X crashed and turned off. Tried again and the same thing happened. This is weird!


I’ve had this issue since day one as well. It seemed to have gotten better but since the last patch it’s been happening probably 3-4 times everyday.


Sorry to see more and more individuals having the same problems that most of us have had since the games release and yet here we are still after all this time and no fix. I certainly understand your frustration and all I can say is take this as a learning lesson when it comes to products from @GBX.

Like yourself no other game in my collection, even the notorious Cyberpunk has ever consistently crashed and even powered off my console as BL3 has, hence why I stopped playing over a year ago, not worth risking bricking my console over.

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I know there are thousands of players experiencing what we are going through with an essential “go pound sand” attitude from 2K/Gearbox. I’m glad that I was able to 100% the achievements so I can toss the disc in the trash where it belongs …

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I just moved on to other companies, enjoying Outriders at the moment and appreciate that they actually update their customers on what they are working on instead of the @GBX “cut and paste” answers. If I need a BL fix I have BL1, BL2 and BLTPS to tide me over, none of them have crashed my console.

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