Xbox Series X Enhancements Not Working

Hello, I have had Borderlands 3 since launch on Xbox One. I was lucky enough to snag a Xbox Series X pre-order that I received on launch day. I transferred Borderlands 3 to the internal storage to play the Series X enhanced version. And it looked great. For three days. When I woke up today, the game no longer plays with the Series X enhancements. Just the Xbox One version. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Still only playing as the Xbox One version. And it keeps resetting my visual settings every time I back out to the main menu and load back in or join a matchmade game.

Has anyone else been having these issues?

Interesting post. You’re lucky to snag an Xbox Series X.

Have you tried filing a support ticket while waiting a response here in the forums? You should.

How do you kmow it’s not the Series X enhanced version? Did you check the game’s settings? Also is the problem just the graphics but the saved files are still good?

When I first installed the game on my Series X, the enhancements were working for the first three days. It looked great. No jagged lines, smooth motion, and the lighting effects looked great, like the glow from lights and weapon fire. Even the glow from the loot on the ground looked great. But the enhancements just stopped working today.

The save files are good. There was the bug were the season 1 DLC wouldn’t load with the new vault hunter skins installed on the Series X, but i uninstalled them til they fix them.

I did submit a ticket. Waiting to hear back.

I just had the game crash on me. Running 4-player splitscreen and porting from the Meridian Outskirts (Hostile Takeover mission) dropped me to the dashboard. As good and smooth as the game looks on the new Series X, even new HD can’t deal with the awful code/optimization.

Had another crash, while trying to fast travel to the Metroplex for the Skywell mission. So far that’s the only place I’ve been crashing, and I can jump back in (thank goodness for the new console speed). But it put me just inside the travel area, where you first enter the Metroplex for Hostile Takeover, instead of the main fast travel location. Feels sus.

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That sucks… I was lucky to get a Series X but it’s not supposed to be delivered till the 23rd

Better than next year lol

I had one crash on the Series X while traveling back to Sanctuary. It shut down the whole system.

That sucks. So with XBox One S, after a while, it will crash. It happens when I’d been traveling back and forth to numerous maps then adding local coop.

I’d blame memory leak issue in this case.

Another fail, Borderlands 3 doesn’t support the fast resume option that the new Xbox supports. I can resume on Diablo 3, but not BL3. I’m checking some other games, but I have to install them and I’m on very slow internet.

Of course with all of the issues BL3 has, I probably don’t want to tax my console more than necessary. :rofl:

Maybe the next generation Xbox (series Z or AA) will be able to run BL3 without crashing.

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Lucky you guys were able to snag one. Maybe early on Black Friday I can acquire one.

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Any response from Gearbox yet ?

Sounds like sadly that GBX didn’t really test this out on the new generation of consoles either if you are having the same crashing issues that we had with the last gen Xbox. That is why when I do get a new Series X or whatever model is available when I buy one I certainly will not risk putting BL3 in it.

Sorry as much as a fan of the Borderlands series I am it is not worth bricking a console over and of course you know GBX will not take responsibility for it even though their game is the only one that causes this issues. Yes I know other games did as well but those companies actually fixed their product, GBX not so much.


I can’t think of another console game, from Atari forward, that has crashed so frequently or spectacularly as BL3. It has crashed more than all other Xbox games I have played, combined. Even accounting for the amount of time I’ve spent playing.

The only saving grace is that the new console is so fast, recovering from a game crash is pretty fast. It takes longer to relog my alts in when playing split-screen, than it does getting the game up and running. Sadly, had the game been more optimized or tweaked for the previous generation consoles, I probably wouldn’t have complained so much about the crashes.

Those load-times though…ug.


I agree the load times are a pain in the butt for sure, however I would be more than happy to have more time for the game to load if it meant game stability. Pretty much I think anyone would for that matter.

Like yourself from the days of Atari to this point I have never had a game crash and perform as bad as this. I said in another thread that even Skyrim with mods running as well performs better than BL3 and that is a Bethesda game! I just can’t bring myself to play this at the risk of bricking my console hence why I haven’t played since DL2 released. There are more than enough games to keep me entertained including the previous entries. Just upsetting that a company and game franchise that I held in high regard pretty much fell silent on fixing issues that I would speculate they are aware of but put paid DLC, nerfs, buffs, etc. ahead of actual game play issues.

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I was going to put down that the last game I had played that was this buggy was Elder Scrolls Daggerfall, haha. At least the enemies in BL3 don’t run around backwards.

I know BL3 made my OneX run very hot. I even torn it down (already out of warranty) and reset the cooling system to see if that helped. After cleaning everything, removing all of the dust/lint/gunk, and replacing the thermal paste, it seemed to run smoother. The fan puts out hotter air, but the system doesn’t seem to be running hotter. BL3 still crashes, but there’s nothing I can do about that.

I’m not too worried about BL3 bricking the newer consoles, but I understand your reluctance. I’m only sticking with it because it’s a game my friends and I enjoy, even with all of the bugs and quirks. But I think one friend is ready to move on and another might not want to invest in the new content, so we’re looking for other options.

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Glad that it is working for you for the most part. I know the XB1X ran pretty hot but I still have more than enough air around it to vent properly, just think it is bad coding when it comes down to it. I would agree that the Elder Scrolls/Fallout games are buggy but none of them have ever crashed my console.

One of the driving factors for me to get this as soon as it released was how much fun I had with others not only online but also couch co-op with the mrs. Sadly it seems that split screen this time around was an after thought and was clearly sent out the door without proper testing.

I have moved on awhile ago and went back to the other entries for my B L fix but for the most part just moved on to other games period. Once Cyberpunk comes out think that will occupy my time for a great while.

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The ticket i sent in for the issue only got a ‘Thank you for your feedback. We really appreciate it’ response

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