Xbox Series X Pre-orders

Anyone pre-ordering tomorrow so that they can play BL3 in it? I’m tired of the loading times. My biggest hope is Series X will eradicate the long loading times

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Still going to wait a bit. Not much point me getting one of those without a better screen anyway, so time to save some pennies.


Ah I got a 65 inch. It’s sweet

Wow preorders went fast. Inwas literally watching every second all the major sites. But I got none. I have 1GB internet. All the sites suffered loading issues and slow response times.

Same as the PS5 then, it seems. Penny Arcade comic is relevant:

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I got an X after waiting for Amazon to go live then switching to Microsoft and got one there. Long loading screens, error messages but I got it!

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I was thinking about pre-ordering, but I figured there’s no point. You don’t even get anything on top. I’m waiting. Maybe we get some bundles or deals on black friday. We’ll see I guess.

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I’ll ping you after Nov 10. I wanna know if the loading times are quick in BL3. I’m sure you’re aware how painful it is to refarm the same boss where most of the wasted time is really waiting.

I’m playing on stadia, which should be comparable to the loading times on new consoles. Very short loading screens, but still texture pop-ins during the first few seconds.

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Yeah the loading screens are too long, hopefully they will be much shorter. There is a video comparing the series X to a 1X side by side and the X loads like 50 seconds faster than the 1X for the same game.

I’ve read good things. Also heard good things. I can completely relate to the load times being atrocious on xbox1. I count how many times Clappy crosses my screen. I was somewhere near 15 or so on console. My laptop loads in 1.5 clappy passes. That is a Gigantic difference. I really can’t stand that point on console and basically keeps me from playing bl3 on console.


Wow 1.5. Huge difference!

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I usually set it going then go make a tea or coffee. That seems to be about the right length of time.

I will probably split for an XBSX with my son, along with a new screen, but not straight away. We already have a lot of our older games on an external HD, so we can simply plug that into the new box when we get it.

What I’d really like to know is, is there going to be a way to convert old disk copy games to digital purchases? Because we do have a bunch of titles for 360 and XB1 that still require us to throw the disk in, but it is a little tempting to go for the S version. Another reason to wait a bit, I guess!

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I stopped purchasing hard copies just before the xb1 move from 360. Not even movies, I went completely digital. No regrets.

If I do get a the new xbox it won’t be to play borderlands 3 on lol