Xbox Status Update

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I am trying to figure out why it is too much to ask for a Gearbox staff member to make an official statement about the ongoing (since launch) issue of BL3 shutting down xbox 1X systems.

Why hide behind the forums that are policed by helpful Moderator staff, yet you hamstring that moderator team to have the same level of access to information as customer forum users? Why have this setup? Why setup the structure of your forums to never have complete conversations, but rather a one-way posts that only escalate in irritation, frustration and develop resentment towards your company?

We all know by know there are no issues with recreating the problem, it is constant and nearly on-demand. Please stop asking us to send you videos of the issue; they have to be done with a phone, because of the system shutdown, and those sent over get never get watched. Your support ticket requests are merely attempting to distract and disengage us.

Is it a liability issue? Is it simply that Gearbox prides themselves on offering the worst customer service possible and is actively challenging EA for worst game developer on the planet?

Do Gearbox and Boeing share quality assurance teams and you are too embarrassed to admit it?

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