(XBox)Story bug: In the Shadow of Starlight

During the In the Shadow of Starlight the quest bugged and says Follow Typhon even though the box is checked and we cannot move forward with the quest. I have restarted the game, switched to my friends story, and deleted the local files to attempt to fix.

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I have the same problem but its on pc

Mine just randomly started working :confused:

Assistants needed in section 4

I saw that Mod Signal! Moved to the BL3 Spoilers section.

Sorry to ping you specifically, i just know you browse this section

One thing I’ve noticed in previous games (BL2 and TPS particularly) is that it’s possible to be standing in the path the NPC is supposed to follow. When that happens, the AI isn’t always smart enough to have them go around you, and then they get stuck. Sometimes you can unstick them by moving back out of the way.

Nothing is working, he just stand still.

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And also there is no goal:

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The same thing is happening to us, It says to follow typhon even though the box is checked and we cannot move forward. We did everything we could to get it fixed too. I even restarted the game and console.

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The mission in the shadow of starlight when the cutscene finish my game glitched and I couldn’t finish the mission I’ve quit the game and reloaded it and I’ve deleted the game and reinstalled it but it’s still not working I just wanna beat the game and have fun in the end game but I can’t with this stupid glitch


I just got this bug on Pc and have tried everything to fix and got nothing

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Hey man did u figure out how to fix it I’m having the same issue

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Just ran into this; Zane, OG xbox.

I had a similar thing happen with Balex on Eden-6. He for some reason went up this ramp on the other side of the room where he was supposed to open a door. He got stuck there and would not move or complete his task. After about 3 or 4 times of quitting out of the game and restarting at the last save station he finally got unstuck. Was frustrating.

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The easiest way to fix a quest-pathing bug is to use a fast travel to a new zone and warp back

I’m almost on my 3rd lvl 50 character and i’ve encoutered it so much (worst parts is nekrotefeyo’s vault) that I’ve pretty much learned to not speedrun it cause it tends to glitch out the AI’s when you move ahead of them and if they do bug out, exit a room, and if not that fast travel. You dont need to quit your game just the zone you are in.

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does anyone know a fix for this, its been 3 weeks and i cannot continue the game as this is a part that must be done

its a bug on PC and console

Typhon does not move does not follow, just stands still on the bottom when he SHOULD whip up on the blocks and go up in the main section

About the only way past that I know of is to join someone else’s game to complete the same mission.

how would i do that?

how to join someone elses game during that specific mission?

i start the game every day
verify the files every day
reinstalled the damn game

ITS completely ruined my game, spent £100 on this pile of ****

as soon as cyberpunk is released this game can f****** die for all i care

devs and support dont give a toss either