Xbox Wait Times

Hi everyone,

Just picked up Battleborn last night and just completed the prologue…

I’m trying to find some Public Games in story and versus and the search doesn’t seem to find anything, I haven’t played a game with others yet.

My NAT type is open and I don’t seem to have issues with any other games but I’m not ruling out there’s potentially something wrong on my end.

I’m also level 2, do I need to play solo and level up before it matches me with others?

Any help appreciated.


XBOX: Peacefish

I think it’s on your end as I’ve been playing on Xbox since release and no issues regardless of what level I was good luck

Seems like it was on my end, I reset everything from game, Xbox and network.

Seems to be MOSTLY fine if not a bit slow when someone drops out of the matchmaking but here goes first game!

@hooofarted, thanks for the response.

Yup glad you got it working