Xbox wont let me play after I downloaded moxxis heist

I recently downloaded to new bl3 DLC and afterwards it wont let me get past the title screen that says press a to continue. I have hatd reset my xbox one x several time and even waited an hour. Still wont let me in.

If you are in the XBox Insiders program, this appears to present a conflict with BL3 since the last update - removing yourself from the program should resolve the issue.

I’ll have to try that unfortunatly I uninstalled it to see if that helps but if it does. Ot I’ll try it out

I mentioned it because I’ve seen 3-4 reports of this exact issue since the last update, and every single one was Insiders program; but not a single report outside of that.

Please report this right after it crashes to Xbox Insider so that they are also aware.