Xbox360->PS4 start looking for BL2 Powerlvl

Hey! Had a bunch of stuff fully levelled on xbox360 but that doesn’t cut the mustard with this port. Can anyone help me to powerlevel?

Need lvl 8->50
I’m normally on from 8p-11p est
PSN: cyanidemonkey

Any help would be more than appreciated! Thanks

hey if you have a friend at a higher level then join there game and ask them to do one of the slaughter rounds like the one in the fridge or the natural selection annex in wildlife preserve. If you cant do that then m not too sure what to do. It makes it harder because you dont have DLC because then you could get someone to do raid on digistruct peak.

Therein lies the issue. No friends on my ps4.

If you still need powerleveled. Add: hitman10466

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I need some help with power leveling! Could you help! Would love to power leveling an Siren!

Add me then dude im levelling later :smiley:

Could you also hep power level me? I can give you some op 8 legendaries too if you want

PSN: wildcat2084

Think i could tag along also? i just need to get to around 50 to catch up to a friend, would be extremely appreciated <3

Psn: Buncake_Esq