XBOXO THC DLC unavailable

I have seen similar, but no the same, threads here and so I am asking. I have the THC Xbox One disk. I loaded the disk, downloaded 100% of the update and have played the game but do NOT have the dlc material. None of the new locations or missions are present. The “downloadable content” option says to come back later. The game otherwise works fine. The pre-sequel game also works fine.

If might not be significant, but, I had previously loaded the free-to-play weekend version of the game in Nov. 2016 when Microsoft offered it. I suppose it’s possible that the gimped version from Microsoft somehow interfered with the full version I purchased later?

That is indeed a possibility. Did you delete the free demo version off your hard drive before throwing the HC disk in?

You may need to put in a call to the support site:

Thanks. No, I did not delete the old version. If I were to delete and reinstall the game, would I lose my characters?

I haven’t done this on XB1, so check with the XBL support FAQ pages. In principle though you should have an option to delete only the game and not the save files. Maybe @LunaticOne or one of the other XBox regulars knows?

in theory this, but I have never had to resort to that, so do not know. the best advice I can give is contact Support first and they should be able to answer that