[XBOXONE] Battleborn crashing at the gearbox logo?

I bought Battleborn at launch and have been playing it as much as I can in my spare time, but today it just started crashing at the gearbox logo I have uninstalled it several times and did a hard reset on my xbox, Xbox support recommended I contacted 2k support and I have been waiting for 4 hours now and nothing has happened, any advice???

I’m having the same issue. i have talked to Gearbox software support and 2k support and they keep telling me to retry the troubleshooting methods, even though i have told them multiple times that none of them work. I has been over 2 weeks since the game’s release and this issue has not been solved. It seems like they just took my money and told me to f-off. I haven’t even been able to play, and i have owned the game since the midnight release.

I have a solution you have to go to home, all setting, system, console info & updates, reset console, keep games and apps