XboxOne - Playing BL-2

I’m considering getting a ONE. But, what I want to know is. With the One’s superior to 360S Graphic Chip Set. Will the One Upconvert/Improve the Graphics of BL-2?


Maya Lvl 60

I only saw Borderlands 1 gameplay on 360, however I am playing BL2 on Xbox One now and I have to say it looks amazing. It’s probably due to the already unique graphics, but having it pumped up to 1080p and nearly 60fps for single player is noticeable. HOWEVER, there is also noticeable lag and frame rate drops which makes game play choppy but it only lasts for a few seconds and it is at random times. I wonder if an uninstall and reinstall would help. Otherwise, I am loving the Xbox One experience with the game. It is one of the only games other than Destiny (I’m a grown man and I love the game, sue me) that I have really been able to stay involved in. I am a low level but I will be working on that this weekend.

The quick answer to your question is yes. Having played BL2 on both the 360 and XB1, I can safely say it does look better. A couple of caveats though - first, the art style might not make it obvious and second, as others have mentioned, there are strange framerate drops here and there. I don’t have the issue as much as some apparently do around here, but I play couch co-op and it does happen from time to time.