XboxOne - Playing BL-TPS

I’m considering getting a ONE. But, what I want to know is. With the One’s superior to 360S Graphic Chip Set. Will the One Upconvert/Improve the Graphics of BL-TPS and BL-2?

I didn’t put this in Tech Support as I don’t have a problem with Glitching, Freezing, Downloads, etc.


Maya Lvl 60

You’ll get better graphics and a more fluid frame rate. You should be aware, however, that the XB1 does not allow you access to your save files in any way. They are maintained for you, and backed up to the cloud automatically, but you can never back them up yourself to an external device. I find this unacceptable for Borderlands (and several other games), and therefore, I will never buy The Handsome Collection for mine–unless they fix this limitation, of course.