[XboxOne] Returning Player LF: Inflammable Hide of Terra (Lvl 72)

Hey, H0w’s it g0ing F0rum. I’m a L0ng-Time Fan 0f the series since the 360 Days & have recently picked the game back up after the UHD Pack Dr0pped 0n the New C0ns0les.

Looking for some gear to help get back into the swing of things. Specifically an Inflammable Hide of Terra (All Maliwan) at Lvl 72. While I want to get into the OP Lvl Stuff, right now I’m cool with sticking to 72 until all of my Vault Hunters are caught up to my favorites. (Zer0 & Krieg) Even though most of my cool stuff became outdated once the Lvl Cap was raised to Lvl 72, I have plenty of gear at both Lvl 61 & 72 to trade. (Mostly 61 Sadly) For other Melee Lovers, I have 2 versions of the (Lvl 72) Love Thumper both with Perfect Parts if that seems like a Fair Trade. Send a PM if anyone’s around to help.

In addition to that, Any of these Gear Pieces would be Awesome Too: An All Maliwan Slag Rubi/Grog (Lvl 72), Fully Torgued DPUH (Lvl 72), All Vladof Slag Rapier (Lvl 72) Rough Rider w/ Maliwan Parts (Lvl 72) Flame of the Firehawk w/ Maliwan Parts (Lvl 72)

I apologize for being Picky about the parts…It’s kind of an OCD thing along with the fact that a lot of the time, most gear gains bonuses for having certain parts & I figured the best place to start was the forums.

if you need help with op levels you can add me, i’ll be online this wednesday and i will be online on the weekends