Xfer from epic to steam - cant play with friend

Both of us bought on both epic and steam.
Both of us transfered our shift account links from epic to steam.
We cant connect to eachothers games.
But we can connect to our other friend who plays through epic, and we can all play together there.

We have tried everything network related. Even forwarding ports etc.
Wondering if this is a larger issue or something else? I dont think it can be just us because we are both on fresh installs of the steam version…and we could play together just fine the other day when I was still on epic launcher version…

Also worth noting, we can be on “friends only” lobby mode, and as soon as we click to join the others game, the icon switched from the friends only icon, to the lan only icon…and then we load forever until getting unable to connect.

Check your Windows Defender Firewall settings, in the Advanced section, and specifically for BL3.

Yeah, there are multiple threads on this. I’m pretty sure Gearbox broke it in the last update.

My buddies and I can only get connected using crossplay (Epic to Steam or vice versa). Epic to Epic and Steam to Steam seems to be jacked.

(also checked the firewall, no issue there).

Thanks for the reply! I couldnt find any threads pertaining to the steam to steam thing so that’s cool to hear.

Weirder still: I can connect to any other person in steam who I’ve tried, sometime it wont work once but then will the next time…just not my one friend lol. It never connects us

This is a video I made and submitted to them to show the error