Xmen/Marvel Skins-ever considered themed skins after Marvel/Xmen characters?

Hey big fan and loved the CTT, ever considered themed skins after Marvel/Xmen characters? Montana(Colossus) Caldarius(IronMan) Ambra(Phoenix/Jean Grey) Orendi(Nightcrawler) Oscar Mike(Punisher) This game is the closest thing to a PS4 XmenLegends/Marvel Ultimate Alliance game. What does everybody think, any suggestions?

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As cool as that would be (VERY), it’d cost money as those characters are owned by Marvel

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And Marvel is owned by Disney, so I think the licensing cost would be an issue.

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Very true, and though I would want licensed skins/outfits but they could take the Broforce route. Make parody skins of those characters, I’ll even settle for that.

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Oh and obviously Rath would be Deadpool.

I think OM fit the Deadpool character more, even if he got no Melee weapon.

ew, no. no comercial skins please.

it’d end like dead or alive that has 4 seasson passes that costs twice the game and now span like 650 ítems of the store.

or league of legends that has more skins than my ex.

you know because snakes change skins and all that. zing! nevermind that last part.

sill even when id like the idea on another game, that kind of cosplay wouldnt work for me.

mostly because past the skins then there it comes the guest characters and having hulk and ironman and… long stories short nope.