XP and loot nerf

So after updating today xp and loot drops feel extremely nerfed as Im getting a lot more green loot in mayhem 3. I just played last night and everything felt just fine and i felt rewarded for my time. Note I’m playing on TVH mayhem 3, offline. I feel like Im getting freaking normal mode loot drops and very little xp after updating. Makes me want to stop playing completely.

What are you on about, every time there’s a “hot fix” I update. Having the game on local only doesn’t mean I don’t get notifications saying to update. I just updated a few days ago and loot/xp still felt fine you clown.

Help how? By basically saying its on me for not updating? One: Thats not help and I wasn’t asking for it. Two: online /local play same thing, I still see when the game tells me theres a hot fix so Obviously when I pause and the game saids logout for update, I see it…didnt affect loot and xp a few days ago, who now? And why isn’t it in the patch notes. Three: loot and xp has been nerfed and absolutely didn’t need to be as this is a mostly single player game. “Its no big deal” is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in situations like this.

Just because gearbox made the game doesn’t mean Im giving them a free pass.

You mean still is?

Where’s your farm spot? Or you’re having this issue at general? I’m playing circle of slaughter at Mayhem3 - TVHM mode and have an average 20-30 legendaries per match. I also farmed few local bosses and they’re dropping somewhat fine too (1-3 legendaries per bosses)

Quick question. You mentioned something between the update and the hotfix. Does the update include the patch version of the hotfix? If so I’m not updating the game just yet

Ok thank you for the reply.

This is why it would never do for me to moderate anywhere. I cannot tolerate unprovoked unreasonable rudeness.

I would be smacking people with a ban hammer left and then right.

Seems like it is largely the new people that recently joined. What up with that?

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hes right the xp is sooo bad now theres like zero incentive for me to keep playing now because getting one gaurdian rank takes like for ever now
offline or online its terrible they could atleast buff it to 100% but we went from 900 to 50


I’d have already banned the entire userbase, including the other mods. I can think of one member in particular I’d ban then unban just so I could reban them.

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I have noticed 0 change on mayhem 3, matter of fact I just killed the anvil boss and he doped 4 legionaries.

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