XP bar will not move

I have defeated eclipse reached part 2 of the claptrap DLC, but I have picked up 0 xp I have no clue what is going on, has anyone seen this?

I have the same problem. I went through the first part of the main campaign where you save Jack and received 35,000 Xperia but it didn’t show up at all on the meter at level 50 in UVHM. Frustration strikes again for this game.

These kinds of glitches are the reason I stopped playing it back in December. What gives, Gearbox?

I am going to reinstall the game and try to keep my savegame files. Will I lose my 92 gold keys?

Ok, I think the solution might be to go into the PSN store and download the new Claptrap DLC and UVHM upgrade pack 2. If you’ve already done that then, maybe Gearbox will get back to you with a little assistance. Good Luck.

I am on PC, if this reinstall doesn’t work I will submit a ticket

ok reinstall didn’t work so I fell back to a 2 feb save, lost a lot of good orange guns and a bunch of gold keys but it worked, lesson make a lot of backups

Did you use Gibbed to modify your character’s level?

Nope don’t really understand how it works

Let’s don’t go down the Gibbed road, please.

If you’re experiencing issues with the game, please submit a support ticket at support.gearboxsoftware.com and get some help from the team.