XP farming question

Is Tinder Snowflake a good xp farm from 50 to 72

Easiest XP farm is probably Pete’s bar with shamfleeting, but it’s not much fun, does farm Torgue Tokens too… Tinder is OK, Warrior also lets you farm eridium… XP farming isn’t really my thing though, so maybe there’s a better option somebody else has


But yeah easiest is probably pete’s bar, you could do the sanctuary target practice trick… pretty sure it still works. Only catch is you need an op8 character already. So if someone wanted to carry you you’d probably get to 72 in about 45 minutes from 50.

This post gave me the shudders…why? Because that exactly how I got to 72 from 50. Dude it’s a drag , not going to lie if it took me a month (5/6 farms a day) and nearly killed the game for me😐. (This was having no friends play, before finding this forum).
Petes bar op8 would be my guess (if someone’s willing to let you join their game) may involve you just sitting your toon next to the mission board, and let the op8 toon do their stuff. Still not fun for you thou.

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Marcus’ quests where you kill the bandit + Infinity.

Just tape down your fire button and go do something else

No. Whenever I level up mules I do it against the Ancient Dragons in the Tiny Tina dlc. You’ll easily max out cash, eridium and get a huge jump towards maxing out seraph crystals if done in UVHM/OP levels. As an example when done in normal one run against the Dragons (and the 10 mimics in the back) will take a level 0 character to level 8, if done in TVHM that level 0 character will hit level 10 and if done in UVHM/OP that same 0 level character should hit level 12 in one run. Not only the above but the Dragons have world drop legendary gear. In the last few weeks I’ve gotten legendary class mods, Pandemics, Bees, Conference Calls, Leeches, Bonus Packages, Nasty Surprises, Infinity, Madhous!, Hammer Buster, Fastball, etc. as well as one of the guaranteed seraph drop that they have- Omen, Blockade and Stinger.

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@Carlton_Slayer’s suggestion is probably the best. You get the most XP from turning in missions, so turning in a repeatable mission (like the badass round tier of Murderlin’s or the Ancient Dragon) is good. Plus the cash can be used to get weapons as you level.

I’m really slow in that I just play through the story and DLC for 50-72. It’s possible to get there while still saving all the key quests that have unique or legendary rewards.

Reset your UVHM playthrough. Start the “cleaning up the berg” quest, turn it in for lots of XP, do the bullymong in the graveyard quest, turn in for lots of XP, save and quit. Reset your playthrough, repeat until level 72.

Or kill the bunker lots of times

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Could probably throw in a couple of the side quests in Liars Berg as well. I might hold off on Captain Flynt if I was resetting, but Shielded Favours and the Heleana Pierce eechoes at least would net you some extra XP without too much difficulty.

I have timed them and the bullymong one is worth it, but the others are not. Just reset immediately and you’ll get more XP over time than if you do them

When uvhm 1 came out I got to 61 before I got to the warrior just playing the game and doing side quests. When 2 came out I cheeses Pete’s bar from 61 to 72 in a couple of hours but really ended up hating it.

I would just play the game and dlcs and side quests.


Snowman or the dragons. Both easyish and great place for gear, eridium etc!

I alternate my routes for leveling. When leveling myself in UVHM, I usually do one Story-Mission per 1,5 levels of Snowman-grinding or (as Zero or Maya) Bunker-speed-kills.
For leveling up another Toon, I usually go for the dragons. Killing the dragons at level 52 rewards enough exp to level one toon from lv 1 to 13 in one run.
If gear does not matter, the bar-room-brawl is the best for speedy level-ups. Especially as Krieg (Bloodsplosion-chains) or Gaige (with 250 and more Anarchy-stacks).

After the main game I just do all the DLC except for Scarlet (I hate to “waste” a Sandhawk turn-in that’s under level 72… I’m just weird like that.) After that, I usually go beat on the Snowman or the Bunker. The loot train of course will give you good at-level gear and the Bunker can drop a lot of decent stuff too aside from his legendaries (also get the red Hyperion chest in the little closet area that opens up after Bunker’s dead). Sometimes when I’m at the Bunker, I exit back out to Thousand Cuts after save/reloading and kill the BA Constructor if I have something that’ll take him down fast before he starts spamming too many missiles. He’s good for a nice quick extra chunk of XP, if you can make it quick and painless.

It’s funny, I’ve never actually XP farmed the barroom (I just do it when I need tokens)… I’m working on a Sal right now (he’s in Normal mode right now), I’ll send him there when it is time. :wink:

The BarRoom does drop Good Gear, I’ve gotten, 2 bee’s, a flakker , a quasar, pandemic, stormfront and other drops from the 3rd tier runs, not to mention the chance for a DPUH or other gear from the Torgue Vender (you always have plenty of tokens using this method), also a good chance at a Cobra, friend who now PL’s people also has gotten 4 in the last week.
As for XP, aside from the Dragons it’s the fastest for gaining Levels

And Bonus is you can complete a lot of BAR Challenges just in the Bar runs

Sure, you get a lot of stuff in the bar room Brawl, but in comparison to the snowman- or Bunker-fights, its really not that much. One will find a few world-drop-legendaries by killing thousands of burners, though. But its definitely not the best way to gear-up. The best stuff you can get is purchaseable in the Torgue-vendors.


All the more reason to farm the Brawl…

Bunker I consider the 2nd stingiest Boss around with his drops (I would power level alternating between OP 8 bunker and the Warrior for those that didn’t have Torgues CoC DLC on the 360) , with the #1 spot now going to the Snowman and his train (Was Doc Mercy), Had that DLC since day one and wasted uncountable hours farming it only to get a Total of 1 “rapid Infinity” out of it,

which is the BEST reason, on a Good night of PL’ing, I can make 4 to 5 Legend purchases out of the torgue machine on top of what I find in the BarRoom as Drops

The Bunker is stingy on the legendary department, but overall and taking into account that Maya and Zero can easily one-shot him with Bore and Chain Reaction, he is an extremely rewarding fight. The Snowman is a fight of roughly one minute plus 3-4 minutes for looting and walking up to his area. He does not drop much himself, but the train is looters paradise.
In the end, it all comes down to personal preference.
I for example, can’t stand repeating the same missions over and over again anymore, thanks to the pain The Pre-Sequel has put on me with 7 characters powerleveled by resetting UVHM dozens of times.