XP gain is simply too low in a lot of... everything

…In my opinion, at least.

Algorithm: When was the last time you got to 10 without farming Swarmers and including 1-2 helix points?

Battleschool: When was the last time you got to 10 without taking all the helix points (if you’re doing it w/ friends)?

Demon Bear: When was the last time you got to 10 without farming Beastmasters’ Summoned Thralls?

Friendship Raid: When was the last time you got to 10 without manipulating (the leveling system) by purposefully avoiding enemies just after reaching level 7 so you can get to 9 by way of the two helix chests (right before the laser hallway).

Meltdown (including Finale): When was the last time you hit level 10? As a pusher? As a non-pusher?

Capture: When was the last time you hit level 10?

Face-Off: When was the last time you hit level 10 by playing naturally and not sitting on a Varelsi spawn point the whole match?

What about hitting ten in The Sentinel? The Archive (without farming in the data minion thingies part)?

I get that reaching level 10 should be an achievement, but… come on.

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I get there most the time playing objectively and killing the varelsi.[quote=“MeltedCow, post:1, topic:1556681”]
Face-Off: When was the last time you hit level 10 by playing naturally and not sitting on a Varelsi spawn point the whole match?

I’ve never sat at one, I usually run around all the spawners and get to level 5/6 at the first boss and level 10 before the 2nd. It’s kinda fair since I’m playing the objective but if you’re just going around killing players then xp gain is slow![quote=“MeltedCow, post:1, topic:1556681”]
Meltdown (including Finale): When was the last time you hit level 10? As a pusher? As a non-pusher?

This just depends on how long the game lasts, but I don’t remember the last time getting to 10 on meltdown!

As for the PvE, I agree with some of the ops being a struggle to get to level 10, but the main story is not oo bad from what I remember!


Turns out the World is flat.

Seriously though I am kind of surprised that a fast Bots Battle match gets more XP than a dlc run.

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I don’t think I’ve ever NOT got to level 10 on Algorithm - or any of the main story missions for that matter. I can see it happening if you try and speed run past as many enemies as possible, but why would you do that if you wanted XP?

Story Ops are a different matter, though. I usually hit about level 8 or so. Versus mode ditto, but that’s more because I suck at versus mode.

On the other story missions, I can’t think of any that I’ve completed successfully without also getting to level 10 before the final fight. (Saboteur and Renegade that might be during the final fight, but those are both long fights).

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Many times on 5 person teams we fought longer on the Geoff fight, it gets nuts on 5 person Advanced.
By the time you get to the area before ISIC you do go helix 10.

Ops, solo, never. In the algorythm usually lvl 9 and half, sometimes boombots give me the exp to get lvl 10.

Face-off like @Ashbweh said, just play the objective.
Capture sometimes it just dont last but you and your teamvan get to lvl 10 using varelsis.
Meltdown must be a fair match equal in skills

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Capture, I feel like, will have you earn more XP than in Face-Off. Not much but it will (which is weird given how many Varelsi there are in Face-Off. Lots of baddos to kill). But that also depends on how defensively/territorial you play.

also to @VaultHunter101: I don’t mean every Story mission, just those three specifically. But how are you people getting to 10? I do solo Algorithm a lot, advanced and non-advanced. When I play with friends, it’s with advanced, but I hardly ever do 5-man advanced for that mission. I shouldn’t have to in order to reach 10 either (to @wisecarver). I’m not trying to be rude, but I BARELY ever get level 10 in Algorithm.

I kill literally every single enemy – the only ones left behind are minion spawners that de-activate before I can reach them. Particularly on the bridge after H3NCHMAN. So why am I not reaching level 10? Even in solo where I grab all the helix points myself. Are you guys just getting lucky and they keep spawning in regular chests?

Dont kill the teleport thing. Let them spawn enemies.

Kill everything in the room where geoff updates.

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I let them spawn as much enemies as possible, but it’s hard to tell whether they’re about to deactivate or not.

I do kill everything in the Geoff room.

Starting to feel like my game is bugged or something. I simply can’t reach level 10 just by playing. I always get to 9 or very-late-Eight.

Is hard to get to lvl 10 solo or duo.

Less enemies. If you rly rly rly want to get to lvl 10 let geoff spam a couple of waves.

Could be due to the fact that you start at level 3 on capture?

But that’s the thing. Can I not just play the game normally and kill him without waiting for him to poop out 15 more minions?

@Ashbweh Yeah there’s that but I mean there’s only a level difference between the endings of my Face-Off and Capture games. Like if I’m 8 in Capture, I’ll be 7 in Face-Off. Usually.

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That’s the brilliance of the game. It’s hobby grade right? We have to memorize the maps and enemy spawns just as players would have on NES.

Also explains the one shots, etc. It’s a modern day hobby grade adventure game. Health enemies and helix points must be used strategically.

Now one shots are just cheap, artificial difficulty stuff but okay.

Helix points being used strategically makes sense – you shouldn’t use one just when you’re ten xp away from the next level. And you should open big chests before reaching 8 whenever possible, since helix points won’t spawn in the said big chests during levels 8-10. But you should be able to get to ten without relying on helix points. Or having to farm waves. I just want to play naturally and go through the mission smoothly. Without having to farm waves that come in varying intervals.

Memorizing maps and enemy spawns is different – you need to control how many enemies are on the field so you won’t get overwhelmed.

Mario/Zelda/Sonic all built some of the biggest franchises in gaming off of one/two shot difficulties. I don’t see a problem with it.

Yeah that’s what I’m getting at. It’s another challenge. We are good at video games now and developers are “returning to their roots” to challenge us.

I just don’t buy that. Those games are incredibly simple compared to the complexity, diversity, and mobility of Battleborn.

And you’re… agreeing with me on my second quote there? I’m saying that’s what memorizing those things is about. That’s not levelling.

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Yeah I’m agreeing but saying it’s both about surviving and leveling.

Exp gains should certainly increase in Ops, enough said really. Not sure if that’s possible though.

I do agree about the Algorithm, but I’m not too bothered about it as that’s an exception.

I have never had a problem with getting to 10 in either The Sentinel or The Archive, at all.

Getting to 10 in Capture is not too hard. The only thing stopping you is how short the matches are, time’s your enemy. They should revert the score changes with the winter update. As of now, you get 1 score per second for one collector, 3 for 2 collectors and 5 for a triple cap. Increasing the exp gains in capture would more or less nullify the levelling portion of the game. It’s already the highest in the game and doesn’t need altering.

Meltdown is not too difficult, especially since the exp gaining rate increased. Just stay on the minions and buildables and you’ll get there. Once again, time is your enemy.

That’s how I naturally play Face-Off. People all too often turn it into a straight-up team deathmatch where I myself can just farm varelsi and effectively outlevel everyone and win the game because no one gives a damn about me in the first place. My W/L ratio is appr. 82% in Face-Off thanks to that.

This is one of the clearest examples I have of how the level can deviate depending on what you focus on in the match.

Funny thing is that I believe Incursion is by far the slowest mode to level up in at the moment. The only reason why you can get to 10 in Incursion is because of prolonged matches. If you could go into a 20 min. Meltdown game, you’d likely be 10 or close to if you stay on the minions.

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The only time I’ve checked the number of waves from the teleporters/summoners has been on Renegade normal mode: three waves, with three enemies in the first wave and two each in the second. Not sure if it’s the same on all modes, or if there’s variation between teleporters and summoners (or even specific locations).

For the Sentinel it’s not too difficult but I’m literally having trouble remembering. I only recall getting to 10 solo. Archive I get to 10 solo by cheesing the helix points.