XP ratio needs tweaked for healers

So I have played several different characters so far and I noticed that dps rules the xp gains in co-op. I did 23k heals during a mission and got bronze at the end because my dps was very low. Shouldnt my total heals play a part in that? I would like to know how, if there is even an adjustment to xp for healers, hows it done.

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Yes, Miko is actually slower to level up with, but this is okay imo.

Usually in the mid / late game you level up hella fast by getting assists or maybe kills.

Its pretty much how well you work together with your team. Also i do not think so this will be necesarry. The early game with miko is a challenge. If you do it well, you get ahead fast, if you dont do it well, its hard to come up.

This is a case i like.



I agree healing XP needs tweaked. I was thinking about how I might do this and here’s my thought.

Add an additional “Assist” called “Healed Assist”, anytime a healer heals a player for 40% or more of their health.
Also, add a “Salvation Assist”, if a player is rapidly losing health, is below 20% health, and a heal stops them from dying.

The “Healed Assist” is worth a little XP while the “Salvation Assist” is worth more. This keeps a healer in the thick of the battle as more XP is given for saving their team.

I think the experience gain for Miko is fine. He’s already a powerful character at what he does, and if you build and play right it’s not hard to level up. Assists provide more than enough experience to keep you relevant, and you can get assists simply by healing the person who is killing stuff and tagging creeps with your kunai and poison. As someone who mains Miko right now, I’d love to get experience for healing, but I would also love my spore toss to one-shot people. Point is, even when Miko is leveling up more slowly than the team, he’s usually still relevant and powerful, which is ultimately more important than what level you end on.

I would hate that and quit playing Miko altogether.
I do agree with this topic.

I am mostly about 2 levels behind on my teammates. Say I’ve been following and keeping alive the same person the entire game. I’d be 2 levels behind this person. He is able to choose 2 more helix abilities than me, while I have been at least as usefull as this person. That is not fair, IMO.
Look, if someone is level 8, and I am level 6 then I am missing out on something very important. That one helix that gives my healing beam 25% more power while Biosynthesis is active. Withoutit, I will be not the healer I could be, which means I AM less relevant and powerfull! So the level you end on does matter.

Now I’ve heard people say things like: Gain shards, build buildables, clear minions(Lol. Miko clearing minions, very funny.) But I most of the time don’t have time for that! And most of the time, I let my partner take the shards because 9/10 times my partner is more mobile than me and will be able to build turrents better than I do.

What I do is have a legendary that converts damage I take into shards. Since everyone’s trying to kill me anyway, them beating on me just makes our fortifications stronger. Once I have that up and running, I just start building stuff during downtime when we’re near the nodes. I’ll usually end up being a level or sometimes even three ahead of the rest of the team.

If you got a bronze it is because your team as a whole didn’t do that well. The score you get is the total score of the whole team.

First of all, you’re probably healing TOO much in coop. Even in PvP, I do a lot of pushing and harassing as Miko and less of the constant healing. You start putting daggers into everything, you’ll get experience for assisting in minion and hero kills. I just think you’re so set into the healing role of Miko that you don’t understand how else you can use miko. Use the stun to stop enemy supers, or the slow to help prevent them from fleeing. Doing a lot of poke and minion damage because your regen allows you stay up front and spam projectiles. Your friends shouldn’t use you as a constant healing station, but should be able to rely on you to bring them back up after they dive in and come back out.

Personally, when I play Miko I am among the top 1 or two players to level up on the team. And that’s even with a good Oscar Mike on the team.

What I mean is that you’re no less relevant or powerful than anyone else on your team. Honestly, by the time Miko caps out, he becomes a pretty godly healer. Heck, just by the time you reach level 2 you and whoever you are healing (likely the tank) become extremely hard to kill. The level of your character is an arbitrary number that doesn’t necessarily indicate their usefulness or the skill of the player, unless you’re one of those characters that is supposed to be doing tons of clearing and damage, of course.

Anyway, I get the desire to play with a “full build,” I really do, but the honest reality of the situation is that even at a slightly lower level Miko usually remains balanced. Unless someone is only on a sliver of health anyway and being chased by a team by the time I start healing them, 9/10 times they survive, and the other 1/10 that they die is because they did something foolish. Heck, most of the time someone can be mostly dead, and once I start healing them it takes them three seconds to be healthy enough to fight again, and this is before I even get my ult. In the long run, this significantly cuts down on time players on your team need to spend porting back and trecking all the way to the front line again, allowing everyone to keep the pressure up against the enemy team.

And Miko doesn’t need to clear minions, he just needs to hit them or damage them in some way (spore toss is great for this, or the skill which spreads your poison) to get assist experience for them as well. You may think that assist experience doesn’t count for much, but it can really rack up. There have been some games (not many, but some) where I have been a higher level than most of our team with significantly fewer kills anyone else. Another tip is to throw your mushroom down behind a corner so that it’s hard for the enemy team to kill it but easy for your allies to fall back to; since even a small amount of healing nets you assists, you begin to rack them up just because one of your allies runs by the thing and kills someone.

The only valid complaint that someone could make about Miko is that he really is limited by the effectiveness of the rest of your team and is unlikely to be able to be used to carry a win, because he never gets enough damage to outperform enemy damage-dealers (and shouldn’t), and giving Miko more healing doesn’t cure inexperienced players from making mistakes that get them killed anyways.

I’ve seen this a lot but I never really notice anything about this. I throw my spore bomb at minions all the time. Is there a way to see if you assist in killing minions?

Idk. I know in PvE there is text at the bottom that sometimes shows up when you get a kill or an assist on something (normally it just says you killed it even if you didn’t but only did damage), but it doesn’t always show up and I’m usually too focused during PvP to look to see if there is that text showing up. I do notice that I level up quite a bit faster when I remember to “poke” the minions with something, though.

Anyway, the spore bomb is the less ideal of the two options, since it’s possible that it would then be on cooldown at a pivotal moment to either escape or stop someone else escaping, so I usually rely on my poison and only toss my spores if I’m really aware of where the enemy team is and the chances of needing it for about eight seconds seems slim. At level five you can even pick “pandemic” to have your poison self spread and then the minion waves require even less attention from you and you would never need to throw the spore bomb–I just throw a few kunai in there to be sure I hit something and the poison stuck, then go back to whatever I was doing.

Yep. I’m a healer, I am healing too much. Of course, that is what I was doing wrong. I was healing while being the healer!

Look, everyone plays a character in a certain way. When I play meltdown in a team with communication, I only have time to run from one lane to another to heal everyone up. When I am not healing, I most of the time only have time to grab some shards.

I understand how Miko can be used(Hey there, dps Miko) but I don’t WANT to use Miko in another way. I love playing Miko the way I play them. I am pretty sure I am not the only one who plays Miko this way.
So everyone who enjoys playing Miko as a healer, is not rewared for it and will be levels behind other people. Which, in my opinion, is unfair.

They rely on me as a life saving in-battle healer.

I just always dive in with my allies and make sure they don’t die there. I think that they need you the most when they are in the middle of a hard fight.

I do wonder how you make this happen. Even if you assist in killing minions and players, this seem unlikely. I mean, how can someone be the first one to level up by only getting assist xp? O.o (By the way, not saying you are lying. Just don’t know how a Miko could pull this off.)