Xylourgos is not on the navi

ah ok, i was mistaking that with mac, being delayed
nah, i am leveling up already :smiley:

Same here. Probably have to wait till 20:00 CET.

srsly i don’t get it. why let ppl pick up the dlc quest but not let them play the dlc? that’s just misleading and also a bit frustrating. at least for me

I had to go into the Epic Launcher, manage DLC’s and turn the switch on to activate it.

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i did that too, but if you go out of the dlc management and back in the switch is off again

Ah you’re right. Well it’s still an hour until the release time so we’ll see if it’s on by then.

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I still have the Problem . Are you playing now?

yea, it updated

I’m on xbox…I had to reinstall Season Pass just to get it to work…and it’s still not finished installing. It was giving me an option to purchase the DLC even though I already owned the season Pass.

Had the same issue, I just had to go manage game, then it game the me option to install all content, that was after a 6.6 gig update, then the dlc was another 3isn

So I have the season pass, but for some reason the DLC did not install. I had to go to the XBOX store, click on the DLC which had the price listed like I did not own it then the preview screen came up and then it said I owned the DLC and gave me the option to install it. Once it was installed then I had the new menu option to launch into the DLC. Hope this helps some of you

I’m on PS4. Had to download an update first. Then I went to Hammerlock’s room in Sanctuary and clicked on the invitation. From there it took me to store to purchase the dlc or just download it, if you have the Season Pass.