Ya know they could fix melee builds in mayhem by making mayhem parts better

That blade attachment on guns that does 100% meele damage increase? Well now it does 200% or 300 or whatever it takes. Parts simply scale with mayhem level.

And as for pet damage and abilities well… U can add it as a extra scale for coms. Flat increases abilities by % by mayhem level.

Theyll know whatever is behind the code. Give ppl a reason To hunt for mayhem lvl coms.

Even if i dont like mayhem scaling with weapons at all. I feel everytbing should stay 57… Im just thinking of solutions and how the game works.

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There are many things that are unbalanced in Borderlands 3 but are very fun to use and so it’s not considered a problem imho. Yet the devs seem so scared of implementing a scaling system to pets, action skills and melee…
As I said in other posts: imho the solution is to make action skills, pets and melee overrides scale on dps/damage of weapons. Fixed values will always feel too strong early game and too weak late game.