Ya'll need to stop complaining

Galilea is one of the 3 characters I main, and I have to say she’s fine as she is. Reducing her overall damage wasn’t enough but now you want to nerf her Desecrate’s Silence and Desecrate’s Pull?

The range in which she needs to pull characters in requires you to be within her Corruption Bubble, the fact she’s slow makes it easy to avoid this unless you’re trying to face her head on(note: Rath can easily Overpower her, especially his Ult’s overall AoE which is almost as big as her bubble).

Desecrate’s Silence had already been nerfed because people compained about the duration and was instead replaced for AoE, which was a smart decision. Though because now players can’t play strategically and want to just “hack and slash” everything in front of them they whine and cry about not being able to simply step away.

If Galilea gets nerfed any further she’ll end up being a useless character and might as well pull her from the game.


Firstly, I do not think that nerfing her more will make her useless. I do think she is still a powerful character and nerfing her may be a good idea.

I do not play Galilea, even though she is the reason I bought this game. I’m very bad with her. I’ve fought her. Her silence and pull is NOT overpowered, as you’ve said, you need to be rather close anyway. The pull isn’t huge. The silence is devastating, especially if you get pulled unwillingly (as oppose to melee guys running up to her). The silence is not over powered, it’s just very good.

It does sound like you might have some room for improvement, though, if you think more nerfs will make her useless. She is still very powerful and if she gets further nerfed she will still not yet be useless or underpowered. Try playing Whiskey Foxtrot and you’ll quickly change your tune about what is powerful, what is underpowered, and what is useless. Note, Whiskey is not useless.

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I may have over exaggerated when I said useless, true there’s always room for improvement especially in my case when it comes to utilizing her. Perhaps they can reduce the AoE for Desecration in general, which would also help against her silence?

There are updates in approval process to change some of her mechanics already. Soon enough you will have to deal with what they have decided. Keep in mind that they hear the community on topics like this but base their decisions on tons of facts and data.

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I really don’t know what needs to be done with her. I no longer have a hard time with her. Idk if it is the hotfix, or if it is because I started using Mellka, but I can solo Gally if no one interrupts me. I think people still see her and ■■■■ themselves. I also think a lot of the people complaining are ignorant about her. If you don’t know her abilities and how they work, she will seem very powerful. Once you understand her as a character, she is not hard to overcome. Granted, her and Miko are nasty together.

Really, all I think they need to do is change her silence. Instead of silencing you while you are inside the area, it should be tamed to something like only silencing the people who are in range when it is used and then silencing them for a duration of 2 or 3 seconds. Not for the whole time they are inside, that seems a little excessive.

The real power of this ability is that it draws you in and you can’t use a skill to escape. I think it would not change if there was a duration, and that would allow people to enter the area and not be totally screwed.

IMO she has way too much in her kit. She is a defender, attacker, assassin, and tank all rolled up one. I think they need to focus her kit more. If they want her to be a cc machine, nerf her damage. If they want her to be a tank, nerf her cc. If they want her to be an assassin, get rid of her shield, etc.

Try going up against a decent Gali with another melee character, like El Dragon. Her pull/silence negates all his skills mid use.

Edit: it does seem like her mutations are what put her WAY over the edge in power.

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I believe silence on activation is the route they are going. Outside of that I’m unsure.

She originally silenced enemies for 3 seconds, then people said some things leading her to the AoE silence.

If you are going against Gally as a melee (or anyone) you should not be inside her silence bubble so it is a non-issue. This is how it works, she drops the aoe and pulls/silences you. You walk out while taking damage. Then you are outside and can start fighting normally.

Gally is territorial, you will lose to her if you fight her on her own terms, especially if you do not move around. People die to Gally because they don’t understand that running from her is how you kill her. Every character that is labeled “Territorial” should never be fought in their own territory.


You do know her pull/silence was the thing everyone as wanted nerf they just havent done it yet becuase it cant be done in a hotfix.
She still has the best dps with dangerous to go alone. Great tank with life steal and shield best cc with pull, stun and silence. Fast movement, small hitbox, health regen.
She will be far from unless if take away one or two of these things.

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I see Gali fighting my team mate, I go to dragon splash her and help my team mate. She pops her desecrate and instantly negates my skil, pulling me into a silence/slow. I try to get out the bubbe (down to about half health when I do) go to clothesline out-stunned, dead.

I’m a level 85 man. All I play is pvp solo. I know the ways to counter Gali, WHEN POSSIBLE.

The fact you don’t seem to understand how Galilea plays is the sole reason you keep dying by her. Once you understand how to utilize her and her movements, it’s easy to kill her. I’ve engaged countless Galilea and have been able to counter them in every way with Ghalt, Rath, Ambra, and Miko.



Yes, I have too. But, a Gali that is not winning every 1v1 is a Gali without thumbs.

Edit: Master of Ghalt, Ambra, and El Dragon
Edit: creative director himself said she is “god tier”. I can’t keep arguing about her lol

That’s not at all true, man. I don’t care if you are level 80 or how many characters you’ve “mastered.” Those things don’t mean anything except for time under the controller.

I’ve fought and killed Gally in ways that she couldnt have stopped. I can bring her below half health and cause her to start running before she even figures out where I came from.

The creative director said she was god tier before the hotfix. The hotfix made big changes to her in actuality. She’s no longer a powerhouse. You are overestimating her power, and overestimating your skill, leading you to believe it is not possible when it is very possible.

Not every character can excel in 1v1, and not every character is a good counter to Gally.


The patch isnt complete yet so she still god tier she as no weakness she not unstopable but takes alot more to kill her then any other character
Name me one other character that has 3 cc effects, life steal, a shield, health regen, smallish hitbox, fast movement speed. Cant be hurt during her ult and good dps.


Ambra: 500 kills/400 assist/150 deaths
Ghalt: 700 kills/400 assist/200 deaths

Not saying I’m the best player, but I know this game. I’m not even saying Gali can’t be beat. All I’m saying is she has way too much in her kit and needs balancing. Thus, GBX coming with “multiple” nerfs/reworks in the weeks to come.

They hotfixed her. She dropped 18% melee damage and 33% shield throw damage. This was not a patch, it was a hotfix, and it happened last week.

Idk if it was that or something else, but she aint nothing anymore. I consistently perform better than the Gally on my team and/or my foe’s team. It was pretty bad before the hotfix, though.

No that was stage one of her fix they have not finshed with her yet because they reworking her (she is that broke) and the stuff they wanted to change cant be changed in a hotfix.


“Has no weakness” is going overboard, ranged characters can easily deal with her. As i’ve said before it’s all about how you engage in combat, keep your distance, watch her movements, and time when she’s about to use her abilities. Once you’ve got all that down she’s nothing.