Y'all rad dudes at Gearbox need to un-nerf Toby

Ok, allow me to air my grievances. I made it to level 11 with Toby so you could say I’ve had some experience, and it’s kind of really annoying.

First off, his shields go down way too easy. Both shields, to be honest, but I’d just rather have him be as on-par with the others and not overpowered so I won’t roast everyone about that. It takes about three or four hits from a semi-large enemy to destroy Toby’s external shield, and plus enemies can literally walk straight through it. I would usually put it up when I or a teammate was low on health and getting swarmed, and it doesn’t help much when the enemies run through it as if it were a light drizzle, a faint mirage of defense desperately trying to keep up with the other enemies’ non-gaseous shields, that are actually solid and not whatever BS plasma faux-material that these players are stuck with. I would suggest you buff that as a start.

Another problem I, and every other person who played Toby, has faced; Either allow Toby to be on a Tank level or stop advertising him as a Tank. He has a mech suit. He fires LASERS OUT OF HIS FREAKING MECH SUIT. HE PLANTS MINES. EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM SAYS “TANK” EXCEPT HIS HEALTH BAR AND NUMBER OF RESPAWNS. I would like to kindly ask you to maybe do something about this? Or maybe make him faster so he doesn’t get hit as much, whatever you feel would make things work best.

SPEAKING OF LASERS. His core discharge does a depressingly low amount of damage. I’m never going to get a player kill with it, let alone a double kill. Let alone 10 DOUBLE KILLS, which is necessary to get for his last lore piece. Seeing as how it is his Ultimate, I’d suggest a buff. Or make everyone else’s Ultimates suck too.

So far, every character I’ve played, (Galilea, Orendi, Benedict, Caldarius, Miko, Whiskey Foxtrot, Kelvin, Shayne and Aurox, Phoebe, ISIC, and Ambra) have all been really well balanced and playable. Toby is the only exception to this, being terribly underpowered, and pretty much being a giant mech-shaped train wreck. I suggest you fix this, as I am definitely not the only person at least somewhat miffed about this occurrence.


Except the fact that he has ~200 damage basic attacks, a set of defensive dashes, and the longest range in the game. He’s not a tank. He’s a zone control sniper, similar to Marquis but more suited to settling himself down in and controlling a specific area of the map without being able to move around effectively. Plus, a call for mobility is kind of unwarranted, considering he has 3(/4) dashes and aoe cc, which many other ranged squishies lack.

(His ult totally needs a buff though.)


Well that one’s not on Toby… I play with two Toby mains, they frequently top leaderboards on all major stats (bar assists as Toby doesn’t he assist he just kills) and most often have least deaths as well. I’ve seen many a Toby player do the same on an opposing team, you need to find the right balance between careful and aggeessive but once you find it, well sh*t. Toby’s one of the hardest characters to kill and avoid getting killed by, I’m surprised there haven’t been “Nerf Toby” threads yet…

His ult is trash though, I rarely see a Toby use it but when one does FREE KILL!


I feel like part of the reason is that Marquis and Thorn are both really powerful atm, and their presence easily ruins Toby’s day because of how well they can damage him despite his shield.

well heck. I can’t really argue with that, but I must say I’ve tried hanging back and being careful but the railgun bullets fly so slow that the thing I was aiming at has evacuated the area. The issue is probably I just really suck at playing as Toby.

I also agree his ult totally blows.

The thing about sniping as Toby, your railgun fires so slow you can’t snipe effectively, and by the time your bullet gets where you were aiming, your enemy has gone and gotten a sandwich, came back, fought your teammates and died. If you wait for the enemy to get close, they swarm you, you get overrun, and since they go straight through your shield, you go down. From what I can tell, it’s all about finding that Goldilocks Zone, where the enemies are far enough to not be able to swarm you, and not so far that they’re already dead by the time your bullet makes it to them.
Also, I mostly said he was a tank because of the fact that everyone’s gonna aim at him because he’s an easy target with a big hitbox, like regular tanks, only he doesn’t have the bullet-sponge abilities of regular tanks.

(and tbh when i play him it’s almost like he doesn’t have an ult, that’s how useless his ult is. definitely needs a buff.)

His bullets travel faster through his shield, making him usable over long distances. If you have good map awareness, you can actually preemptively save yourself from nearly all melees because of how good his triple dash is. Most of the time, you just find an area where you can see as much as possible and there’s a Thumper turret at your back, and snipe minions and melees with his shield.

Soooo…you need be absolutely stationary, for only 1,5x the damage of a Marquis shot…which you still need to charge up (in which time Marquis can fire 2 shots at least)…while having 4 times the size of both other snipers, a boss like weakspot, his shield (which collapses after 3 shots of Marquis) is necessary to deal damage has a cooldown and his booster is useless, due to his size

You don’t need to be stationary, his shot can charge as he moves around. He just works best while staying at a certain area due to his shield. His shot is also significantly larger than Marquis’ bullet, making it easier to hit. I can’t disagree that his shield doesn’t get rekd by Marquis, especially in the late game, but it lets him win trades with pretty much every other ranged character. Also, his booster is far from useless. Three quick boosts in succession will get you away from pretty much anything but a Rath ult, but he also has a stun for stuff like that.


Honestly, I’ve played toby for while now and I have to agree on the “not really a sniper” He’s supposed to be long ranged, but he has no way of sustaining long range shots long enough for a kill, and his real dps is weaker than thorns and marquis’ (as in damagee per second accounting miss chances and all), and the argument that his shield makes up for that isn’t true because without the shield he becomes a melee ranged shooter. His normal, no shield attack is /a lot/ like ISIC’s, and not that much of a sniper’s. He isn’t made to bee a full on sniper, he’s more of a “buddy” battleborn as I put it, as in he helps other battleborn out like a skirmisher, but without the small hitbox and high damage. He’l all of the spices, just not enough of any of them. He’s not a sniper, a tank, a controller, a healer, a support, a dps, but he has some qualities of all of them. Gearbox needs to add a little bit to one of his qualities to make him more defined.


Toby is fine right where he is. Trust me, I know. He is my main battleborn character and I have the master of Toby title.

If his shield were to be a solid wall, how would that save a member of your team that is retreating towards you, when there is the possibility of you blocking them entirely and sealing their fate? How would his projectiles pass through? How would you be able to see enemies through it? Have you ever tried saving someone with your ultimate as Kelvin? Yeah… It’s uhh… Sometimes you trap your own team.

When your friends retreat towards you, you’ll be providing cover fire with a barrage of rail gun shots and then when they cross that finish line of safety, you will be apologizing to the enemy when you punch them in the face and push them back away from your shield. Don’t forget to leave “cakes” that either slow them, stun them, or stop them from jumping.

Toby is not a tank. He is a defender. Someone who provides cover fire or defends his friends. Can you imagine a cute penguin putting together a robot? It’s too cute to think about how long it took him with his little flippers. It is fragile. I mean, the thing shakes around like Edgar’s motorcycle from the Aristocats movie.

His ultimate takes a lot of practice to use effectively. Always aim at the enemies legs. Only use it when you have a proper set up, such as, friends who can cover you, your shield is up, on enemies who have been slowed, etc. Never use it when you are facing more than two enemy players at once. Lay down a stun or slow cake (or the anti jumping Mellka and Thorn cake) and reposition yourself.

If you have any questions, I’ll try to help you out as best as I can.

As for those complaining the shots are too slow, remember a few things.

Lead the target. Nuff said.

His shots are kaiju sized and can (and should) helix to get even bigger and penetrate enemies. So you just aim in an enemies general area, fire, and see everything take a ton of crit damage at once because his shots are all encompassing

A big problem is you have to have PATIENCE to effectively play Toby. You just hang wayyy in the back and potshot. Too many people get impatient and try to rush in with him thinking robot means tank or skirmisher. They try to treat him like ISIC

How the hell can you say Toby is fine when his entire fundamentals and foundation is so damn flawed to the very bone?

Toby is actually the best sniper… he best Marquis, especially after Marquis got hit with the nerf bat and his passive only does 25% now…

Thorn isn’t really a sniper, she’s more of a run and gun type of character, constantly needing to move, and her wave clear requires her to be fairly close to the minions… IE not good for sitting in a single spot…

Toby has escapes, he has a stun, he has shields to block out damage and he hits like a mac truck…

His ultimate is kind of lacking though, which is the only area of his game that is lacking… if you think Toby needs a buff it’s because you aren’t very good with him…


Where his ultimate is, it needs more damage and not reduce his movement speed.

Toby is a monster. These guys have no clue how to play him. I’ve been using
Him maybe two days now and am topping the leaderboard everytime! He is so mobile and accurate!!! The shield is awesome to
In a group
And run circles around it just critin like a freak!! I’m closing the dps gap with melee toons who are 30k to 50k ahead of me in like two waves. His ultimate is meh, I agree but dropping his mines with damage buffs and slow effect is the sh*t!!!

Not sure you quiet understand the character. I destroy with him.

Yes you do with him but jsut because you do well wit ha character doesn’t meant they aren’t flawed as ■■■■ or in an okay state.

There are people who can win matches with Kelvin in his current state but that doesn’t make him good.

The same can be said about your opinion. Just because someone doesn’t do well with a character, it doesn’t mean it is flawed.

Toby is perfectly fine. This character is number one priority In an opponent’s team, even more so than Marquis himself I would say (in incursion and meltdown) If a good Toby player is left unnoticed, your team will suffer with a lot of deaths and losing the match.

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and that team would have to be braindead to ignore that Toby and once they do apply pressure to him and attack him he falls down faster then a house of cards.