Yay level cap increase! Or wtf level cap increase! Appears to be a thread sandwich

Thank you for the level cap increase, just 3 extra points makes me very happy, now I can max out grim harvest and still have the power inside, give my pet a little bit more survivability, hell now I can give my healing rakk build that little bump they needed.

The best part for me, and I know alot if people that hate this, I can empty 90% of my bank and farm for better gear, yay.

Is anyone else as excited about the coming level cap increase as me?


personally am also happy with it, but id rly like them to consider making it lv54 so we can have 2 capstones. 53 just feels like a tease


Moze and Fl4k only have 2 good capstones atm and Zane is pretty picky on which ones are good capstones depending on gear.
Amara would be given another free power gap over the rest at this point.


Unfortunately, I am terribly disappointed by it. I could have lived with the small increase of four points.

But three points is just a thinly veiled tease that tricks my min max brain into more mindless grinding while NOT allowing me to hit TWO capstones.

Its’s very clever…

Bungie and Destiny would be proud of GB…

Promise lots…
Lotta player work…
Very little actual reward

That and no DLC or additional RAID announcements…

I am glad you are OK and excited…

For me…today was not a good day.

Maybe the Pax announcements coming up will brighten me up…let’s hope.


im personally just going to stop playing until we get the final level increase


They can still salvage the day with the announcement of additional Raids and a good DLC roadmap at Pax. But today was just…



I’m in stitches, that was the best burn ever.

Once they start nerfing in favor of an unbalanced meta as opposed the cleaving of the head from meta as they have repeatedly done Bungie will call their warships and the merger shall begin.


I would have prefered a bigger increase. Three points will help with some builds as you noticed. But for most it is marginal. And now all my equipment is three levels too low.


Surprised no bank increase…or maybe they figured

"you got a full level 50 bank…

haha…not anymore!"

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I don’t like that it’s only 3 levels. My Terror gear is all garbage now for only 3 levels. That is not a great feeling. I wouldn’t be as down if I was getting 10 or heck even 5 levels atleast with 5 levels we can grab 2 capstone skills for some more interesting builds to surface. 3 points just boosts existing builds. I also don’t expect leveling to take more then a day or two which makes the content this creates all about farming. Until some more quality of life happens to reduce the amount of time I’m going to spend save quiting or the level cap is increased to a point where I have a reasonable amount of practical content outside of farming… this one goes on the shelf. Hope everyone has fun with the new update and all but I don’t want to refarm my build 6 or 7times before we hit the final level cap increases.


I seem to be one of the few content with 3.
Depending on how lvl 50 gear handles lvl 53 enemies most of your more powerful gear should still do good.

Honestly I would have prefered more of an increase if they do one. I do so much general questing that it probably won’t be too bad. And as you say, with only three levels my old gear won’t be too far behind.

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I been slow playing the ■■■■ out of the game (2 characters in the 40s)…not effected and excited for the events. I feel bad for those that maxed to 50 and grinded like crazy for the perfect builds. But it was only a matter of time before they did this right? Guess it just sucks you still stuck with only 1 capstone. #carrotdangling


I understand they want to stretch out the game but how many of these +3 level caps are we getting? I rather receive half of max cap now and the other half later other than having to empty my stash 10 times over the lifespan of this game. It’s a joke.


Seriously we don’t need a level cap increase. It’s been difficult enough to get the right gear combinations at level 50 now I’m going to have to farm all of it AGAIN at level 53. Thanks for making me waste all my time.

How about expand Guardian rank or add new skill trees instead?

I’m about to just put this game down for 2 years until you finish with all the updates, because if level cap increases become the norm I don’t want to have to refarm for everything over and over and over again. I’ll just play another game in the time being thanks.


The update is intended for people who really just loves to refarm and gain extra levels. It’s not for players like us.

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Instead of doing 2 big level raises they re planning on like 6-7 increments of 3 obviously to force constant updating of our gear to extend the life of the game


i cannot agree with this…
id be more concerned with the bugs that keep crashing the game and losing items for us.
plus,if you have Ever played a borderlands game,
you know how most borderlands games go,theres Always a level increase.
plus,most of us NEED thsoe extra skill points to finish builds…
the question i have is how far up are we going?
because in that i DO agree with you,im not about to farm to 55-60-65 every other few months and then keep having to refarm. to 72.
Just go to 72 and call it good…and give us 3x bank space too.
and get rid of the Shared bank space gawd what a pita.

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I never liked the level cap increase in previous games either. I shelved Borderlands 2 for 2 years after the Torgue DLC because I got sick of refarming my gear.

WE DO NOT NEED A LEVEL CAP INCREASE! It just leads to power creep and unnecessary grinding for gear.

If you guys thought the nerfs were bad before, oh boy, just wait until we have another 10 skill points to work with. All your favorite weapons will be gutted so hard you might as well just go for melees.


Merge mergey mcmerge.