Yay level cap increase! Or wtf level cap increase! Appears to be a thread sandwich

They are expanding Guardian Rank perks.

The more I fancy or respect now those level 1 rerouter and level 1 stop gap builds because they have less refarming headaches to worry.

Edit: WAIT! Shouldn’t GB focus first on fixing unintended mechanics?


Yea I know that, but if they do this we shouldn’t need a level cap increase.

I should have been more clear… REWORK Guardian rank to be what level cap increase basically is.

I do not want to refarm all this gear I’ve been working hard to get good rolls on every 3 months because of a level cap increase that ultimately does NOTHING to improve the game experience.

Also @Psychichazard why are you merging my thread into the “YAY level cap increase” thread??? I’m NOT happy about this, makes no sense to merge into a thread praising it.


Ha. One point away from two tree caps. I think this would work for Explodie McSpodie Moze Build.
Explodie McSpodie Moze

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Because we don’t need two separate threads on the same issue. Discuss your differences of opinion politely, please. That will hopefully be more productive than one thread praising it and one thread just criticising it.

Also, in future, if you want to discuss moderation, a pm is the way to go, as per the forum rules.

I am going to have to wait to finish campaign with my Moze now, I want a Mac level frosty dander for my first build with her and I’m at lvl 46 on that quest.
Your build looks fun is it a hybrid?

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I was just as confuzled.

The idea is to use Scourge or Ion Cannon to blow stuff up. You pair that with a Big Boom Blaster and you should be able to sustain Rocket Launch Ammo. For grenades I like the purple Trackers. Cloning Maddening Tracker probably being the most ideal (I have only found one of these, sadly non anointed). Lots and lots of explosions. So many that even Torgue is happy. Trackers also work with Vampyr.

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This makes sense if the thread was neutral like “What do you think about level cap increase” but now I just feel like my criticism is being silenced by the OP’s praise.


I still need a scourge for my new Moze, soon it’ll drop.

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Just PM him to change the title? I think is the hint or something.

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I think its hilarious they knew what we wanted and how we wanted and instead of putting a ring on it they decided to tease us and string us along.


I also like that it’s only 3 points and for the following reasons.

The first reason is BL2. Like GBX said in the Borderlands show once you have enough skill points to get everything you want then all builds essentially become the same thing. I remember specifically what happened to me/Krieg by the end of the BL2 updates. It got to the point where spending all my skill points would actually be detrimental to my Krieg build. For example, maxing out Blood Trance would get me killed more often than not because I couldn’t reproc my action skill when facing certain enemies to get all my health back. Also I had to skip most of the Hellborn tree because some skills actively worked against a melee build and/or my playstyle. So I used to run around with the blinking indicator to spend my points. That was the beginning of the end of BL2 for me.

The second reason is that there is something to be said about being forced to choose. Three is enough to make small improvements to my builds while still forcing me to give something up in order to get something in return. This forced choice is surprisingly refreshing. I didn’t expect to find that my discomfort in not having everything I want would make the game feel more engaging because it means that my choices matter. The point restriction is the primary reason I can’t have the one build to rule them all in BL3, unlike what happened in the original Borderlands and BL2. So being forced by a smaller point pool to make trade-offs just works for me.


I JUST completed a Trial of Cunning run and it dropped w/ an on action skill start generate 1 grenade anointment. I trashed it :cry:

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I completely agree and 53 should be the max even when the next “4th tree” is added to give as much build diversity as possible. BL2 was always Max/Max/Some or Some/Max/Max or Max/Some/Max

Less levels the better and more interesting builds you will see.

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That anointed was not perfect so its all good.

That said if you throw that grenade it is like a swarm of grenades and all of them hit the target. It is kinda awesome to witness.

That seems… rushed. I mean, first of all, that level cap increase isn’t out quite yet and there’s no reason to not keep it until you actually find something better.

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I would live the diversity from 4 trees at lvl 53, so many possibilities.

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