Yeah, Miko can Solo advanced PvE

So…I’ve mastered Ambra, Atticus, Deande, Marquis, Mellka, Orendi, Oscar Mike, Phoebe, Rath and Shane.

Today I’m trying out Miko, solo on advanced Algorithm.

It’s the map I always use to test new characters.
You have mobs, MX Elite, Ronin, etc.
Very good map to learn your new character’s abilities.

But I wanted to know how Miko does alone on this map.

I’m blown away, really.
The only death I had was by accident, the MX Elite knocked me off the map.

Killed everything with no problem.
The little guardians were very easy.

Impressive for, um, a healer. :wink:

I sometimes like to play Miko as a melee character, it really confuses those who are trying to snipe me.

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Trail of Spores, the increased slow, and the aoe increase can make Pandemic especially deadly. And then his mushroom damage is extremely strong, and he has good fire rate and reload speed. This is why people said he was too strong, he can do two things great (luckily he can’t get anything close to tanking).

All the supports can do this.

Support and healer do not mean awful damage in this game, plus they generally have better survivablility than most characters (Kleese can’t so much to heal himself outside fights, so is a bit of an odd duck in this regard, but has the best range of the supports).

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Also in PVP Miko is pretty often used as support dps (and a good one if player can land criticals) with items that raise his dps higher and 1 tanky item-usually completely without supportive items.

Mikos DPS in NOT negligible.
It usually depends on the team how Miko will be used.
I experienced that teams that rely heavily on Mikos Umbilical cord beam lack DPS later during match (though are pretty strong early on).

Breaking Character…

Miko with a great team - pure support. All helix choices support healing.
Miko with an ok/good team - support/skirmish hybrid. Get just enough damage to get you out of tight spots.

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I always thought you could do some skirmish with miko if you have a somewhat very mobile team (also his helix where biosynthesis becomes an AOE is good with a great team too