Year 2 anniversary surprise - your hopes

So, for those who missed it, gearbox have announced that after Loot The Universe and a week of mayhem made mild plus eridium everywhere, there will be some kind of surprise for the actual anniversary.

Since I already made a pessimistic post (here:So gearbox's big surprise is MORE mayhem levels? Thoughts?) saying what my prediction was and seeing what other people’s predictions would be, I thought it’s only fair to make an optimistic post about what we’d love to see as an ideal surprise.

Taking forum discussions into account, I’m listing what seem to be popular options, but feel free to comment below if you have other hopes.

What are you hoping for?
  • Just bug fixes
  • Small QOL improvements, like resetting crew challenges, skipping past dialogue in missions, etc.
  • Balancing of gear and/or other aspects
  • New guardian rank perks (and/or cap increases)
  • A new takedown
  • The last vault card (earlier than expected)
  • A new raid boss
  • More gear added to existing loot pools (new legendaries etc)
  • A new Vault Hunter
  • A 5th skill tree each
  • A new standalone paid DLC (story based) OR A third season pass
  • A new cosmetic pack DLC (final forms or something else)
  • Free stuff (gold/diamond key giveaway and/or free weapons or gear mailed to players)
  • Something wonderlands based (a new trailer or something)
  • Pearlescent gear (eith new OP gear OR mayhem 6+ gear repainted to show a higher power level)
  • Mayhem 3.0
  • More mayhem levels added to 2.0 and/or new mayhem modifiers in 2.0
  • UVHM - just another (harder) playthrough or some kind of “Jump to set point in the story” mode instead of resetting the whole thing
  • Nothing. Just don’t make the game any worse.
  • Other (comment below)

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Thanks in advance.


Honestly, I’d love them to mail out max level, max mayhem versions of limited time items like the short stick and earworm, if this is the final level for gear, so we all get those items at their best.

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I went with Pearls, free Diamond Key(s), takedown, and new GR Perks. Woudl be fine with anything on your list, to be honest.

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If this is a wish list I am rolling with the unlisted bonus answer “all the above”.! It’s a great list but most seems pretty tough to imagine at this stage of game development.

In reality, any patch that adds new content, possibly fixes bugs AND doesn’t break the game would be nice.


Playstation crossplay!


Since support for the game is (apparently) coming to an end and I already said what I thought about what the Year 2 anniversary is gonna be (Cosmetics/Balance patch/surprise raid boss), might as well give a final wish list with stuff I want:

1 - Rebalance of Zane’s Green Tree and FL4K’s purple tree.
Zane’s Undercover and FL4K’s Trapper trees have issues. The former is not worth investing in beyond the Shield Dome augment (10 points) and the later, while not AS bad in that regard (since you could still put points well until you reach T4 skills) still leaves a lot to be desired.

For Zane, you could give “Refreshment” an increase in damage towards frozen targets, “Nerves of steel” could be given crit damage and the capstone “Confident Competence”, instead of gun damage, could be multiplicative damage (just like “Our Man Flynt”, the capstone from the purple tree). Alternatively, just give it more weapon damage (even though Zane has a lot of it, it could still be good for a 1-point wonder) or even add crit damage to the skill.

For FL4K’s, Gravity Snare is not good at all for bosses, even though it does a decent/good job for crowd control with the “Blind with Anger” augment, for example, so it could also deal kinetic damage everytime it goes off, as well as increase the amount of charges the skill gets to two (just like Rakk Attack). “Keep them Safe” is a complete worthless skill and could be reworked into something else entirely, Monkey Do is (apparently) bugged and finally Capacitance is extremely underwhelming as a capstone and could be given a conditional effect, like, for example “if FL4K’s shield are higher than it’s health while Capacitance is active, get 25% more damage for it’s duration” or whatever. If this damage effect could be doubled, it would also make FL4K’s Purple classmod " 3RROR Cmdl3t" a lot more competitive, since it also has “Capacitance” in it.

2 - More endgame content (Raids/Takedowns)
One of the many things Borderlands 3 did right in comparison to it’s predecessor is lower the amount of grinding you had to do in order to reach endgame by making it so that Mayhem scales enemies to your level and therefore rendering subsequent playthroughs optional instead of being forced, as well as making it so that the leveling experience is a lot smoother, so that the player could easily reach a high level to tackle the different challenges in the game faster than ever.

Unfortunately, Gearbox’s failure in this regard was not giving players enough endgame content, since all 6 Proving Grounds, 3 Circles of Slaughter, 2 Takedowns and 1 Raid boss (if you have DLC6) can be completed in pretty much 4-5 hours all put together, and then you’re left with either farming Takedowns or making a new character, since there is not much to do.

I personally think the game needs more of this content, like 1-2 Takedowns and/or 3-4 raid bosses in the different planets. It would be more cost effective to simply add a couple of powerful encounters across several planets that don’t have them yet (Eden-6, Nekrotefayo, Promethea/Athenas) rather than creating new takedowns from scratch, therefore giving those planets a reason to come back to them once you have 100% completed them.

Also, make it so that you can switch to true Trials, but instead of just beefing the last boss to obscene degrees, just make the whole trial scale up to 4 players like the Takedowns

3 - Rebalance of clasmods
There are several classmods that could use a boost to be made more competitive and something simple, like a passive increase, could do wonders to make you take another look at them.

Techspert (Zane) could increase SNTL damage, Golden Rush (Amara) could increase Action skill damage by a set amount and instantly refill your action skill cooldown as soon as you receive damage (since the main philosophy behind this COM is being able to spam your action skill, which could work wonders for Phaseslam/Phasecast builds), Friend-bot’s (FL4K) pet damage could be increased much more than a measly 20%, Elementalist (Amara) could give more elemental damage as it’s passive…and so on.

These would be easy fixes to certain classmods that could fit for the niche they’re trying to fill and would make build diversity even stronger.

4 - Buffs/Nerfs to certain gear
There are still many legendaries that aren’t up to par and have really good designs, such as the Crossroad or the Hellfire, which I think it’s a shame.

On the other hand of the spectrum, there is also completely broken stuff that beats everything by a landslide, in this case being the Re-Volter shield, which has almost completely destroyed shield diversity. Any and all builds past the release of DLC6 use this shield, simply because 200% damage and +50% fire rate is almost impossible to beat. This shield could be nerfed by half and it would still be one of the best in the game after said nerf, so in this case I feel it’s an entirely justified change.

That’s more or less about it. I also wanted more Bank Space, but since the last update allowed us to reach 500 slots, I think it’s more than enough (at least so far).


I hope they fix the diamond key room. Mods and artefacts on the remaining two walls. And purple and gold gear only please.


Where is my COV takedown ? :pray:


Since in the announcement they said the whole thing end on Sept 16th, I reckon it will be either the improved dedicated drops event or free stuff. Obviously I would prefer new content

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They didn’t say ‘the whole thing’. It’s just the normal weekly Thursday to Thursday cycle ending the eridium thing on the 16th. And a surprise for the actual anniversary on the 13th.

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-Just bug fixes
-Nothing. Just don’t make the game any worse.


I would love some QOL changes to Arms Race. Specifically 2 that would be really easy to implement.

  1. Let us use Arms Race specific Legendries in the mode. There is 0 reason not to (especially at this point) and it would be a huge boost to the mode.

  2. Move the extraction points closer to the center. As is, it is rare to acquire a legendary before the Murdercane moves once and at that point, most of the extraction points are covered by it.

Both of those changes would breath life into a mode that is super fun, but also super frustrating for no reason and I don’t believe that those changes would significantly decrease the difficulty of the mode.


At this point, balancing is all I care about. They could literally just buff non-uniques and make them broken outside mayhem like legendaries and I’ll be content with that.

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I went with QOL, pearls and the diamond keys. I’d really like bug fixes, but the option was just bug fixes and I want more than that.

No more takedowns for me. Guardian Takedown is pure trash. Based on their track record, it would be a disaster.

Fix the glitches, give me some pearls and diamond keys and let me replay challenges and I’m good.

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I voted for a new take down, QOL improvements, a new raid boss, something about Wonderland, a new VH and UVHM. Honestly, I’ve played the game once in the last month or so mainly because there’s nothing that’s drawing me to play it- I’m seriously considering booting up BL2 if only to get the rest of the VH to level 80/OP10.

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I could never get past OP3. I’ve been itching to go back as well and try to get the dozens of weapons I could never find before.


A real surprise would be able to play the game without it crashing. Basically like others bug fixes but some of us have been waiting close to two years now so not really expecting much.


+1 I’m with you, if gearbox reads this: all we want is some polishment on the game!
We don’t want any new stuff that introduces +5 bugs.
Do the necessary cleanup that’s all.

But yeah, it will be a new takedown, I’m quite sure.


a major clean up is my hope.

despite stating it wont happen, a small level cap increase likely as its tradition with major looting events.

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Oh yeah almost forgot:
They are changing how the events can be activated (bloody harvest cartels etc…). They will add a menu where you can choose which one you want to enable (probably)
How I know this: They were asking on twitter what would be the collective name of that menu.