Year 2 anniversary surprise - your hopes

Yeah it shows alot alright were there focus is at right now. Banking on the tina game that is in early preorder for next year. Not touching that game till the reviews are out. Not giving Epic any cash this time around.

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Is anyone surprised anymore.

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Got the Earworm part. Would like the short stick. And the Superstreamer–I forgot to claim it when it was a twich item.


Honestly, my expectation was a huge middle finger, in the form of some way of invalidating the farming players have done, so this is a case of them doing better than expected.
I get where you’re coming from, Gorbles, by pointing out that this is a free bonus so should be better than “nothing”, but I gues when people say “I expected nothing” they mean “I expected what I thought was the bare minimum”. Bad phrasing for the sake of simplicity, maybe?
And some people here weren’t even saying that, so much as “I expected very little and got less” or “I expected very little and this met that, which is meh”. Seems fair to me, but if you want to disagree, fair enough.

I will point out, though, that gearbox leaned towards the games-as-live-service model, with the regular updates and more frequent but small content drops and events, so players have developed an expectation and gearbox is trying to move on to the next game while players who bought into the games-as-live-service model are still invested in the current game, so the lacklustre news of no new (permanent) content is disappointing.


What really annoys me is that we can do shet even as a collective a.k.a helplessness, because if we want something to change there needs to be some serious backlash.

And as history shows, mistakes done by companies must be really big in order to generate feedback to infuence companies to fix these mistakes.

Borderlands is/was not as big of a phenomena as No Man’s Sky or Cyberpunk 2077. General public does not have as high standards as we do. If it had, there would have been multiple articles and videos about problematic BL3’s endgame, balance and what not, GBX would have been dragged through the mud. Not enough people care, however.

Sure, you know it all already. So my question is, what else can we can do? We state our opinions for as long as this forum is live, but that seems not to do very much. Are there any CIVILIZED (we are no 4chan, are we?) way to shake GBX a little?

Any ideas, people? Because I sure don’t have any… :frowning:


Sure. And for better or worse, they’re going to assign that to the projects that will see a return.

Don’t confuse me for agreeing with this, yeah? But it is what it is. It’d take a paradigm shift to change the industry at this point.

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Have generally given gearbox the benefit of the doubt historically, but have to agree, a 2 day event, mid week and announced last minute is not only a letdown for a suprise announcement imo, plus is bad form towards players.

Thursday may bring something more, a part of me clings onto that sliver of hope still :yum:

Sorry I did not mean to answer your post specifically, my phone got laggy

Underwhelming event.

Someone knows who drops the Beckah and EarWorm?

Loot variant enemies.

Best place is probably to walk out of the door of Knotty Peak (Wainwright house in Floodmoor Basin), walk straight up the path and jump down a little to the left, you will be in the side quest area with the Jabbers. There are about 5-7 Thiefing Jabbers that you can kill if you are quick.

Don’t forget to also shoot their barrel and walking down the path spawns even more most of the time!

Still took me around 70+ kills to get a single Bekah. Don’t forget to check the blues for the Earworm!


Thanks! very good spot and lucky first try!


It is actually much more like a bunch of people saying they want something really cool for their B-Day and then getting a pair of skid marked underwear sprayed with perfume.

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I can honestly say that @Gorbles and myself have discussed issues with BL3 on multiple occasions and although we may disagree on some things we both understand that when it comes to technical issues/bugs/etc that BL3 could be greatly approved on. Also I would add that @Gorbles has gone into detail on the programming side of things of which gave me a better understanding on how things work.

With that said do I condone how @GBX has handled BL3 or given them a free pass, I think my posts have made it completely clear where I stand with the company now days. As for others disagreeing with me, its a forum there are going to be individuals with a difference of opinion and that is fine. I take it as a different insight to the issue and I certainly don’t take it personally.

On a side note I understand the disappointment in the 2 year anniversary for some I really do but some of us are waiting for fixes for a game we still can not completely enjoy so when I see skins and trinkets I get it but I certainly would wish that was my biggest gripe with the game at this point.


Somewhere in GBX there are people who were ultimately, directly responsible for choosing and pushing through this oversold joke of an anniversary event. I wish the contents of this thread would scroll endlessly before them whenever they closed their eyes.


Funny thing is that if GBX had said nothing in advance and then dropped this out of the blue people would have probably been happy. Hyping it up over 5 weeks of events all leading to the mysterious “surprise” did them no favours.

A friend of mine suggested that if there’s a patch coming it would be on Thursday, like always. I think the only other time they dropped substantial stuff on a Monday was with DLC5. Better not get hopes up though.


Ehhh, “not as disappointed” isn’t the same as “happy”.

Not just hyping it up themselves, but watching that hype snowball way past what they already knew they were doing (barely anything), not saying anything to reel in expectations, and not adjusting course to provide something worthwhile (we gave them dozens of ideas, many of them actually reasonable and doable).

At this point, I’d be SHOCKED if it was anything more than a hot"fix", that doesn’t actually fix anything, just rotates Maurice, and some other piddling crap. Not even pleasantly surprised. Just shocked. They could barely be bothered to buff more than a meager handful of items since the beginning of the summer, let alone fix actual bugs or broken features.


Guys, what was the surprise? The two Shift Keys? Or what?

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The shift keys as well as a window of 2 days to get the Bekah and the earworm from loot enemies. Unfortunately that opportunity has passed by now.

I personally am fine with the event itself, although it’s timing was ■■■■ for anyone that works during the week, which is most of us. I was lucky as hell and got 3 Bekah in 1 run and overall around a dozen in less than half an hour, including a god roll.

In my opinion they should have made the 2 day event as is, but afterwards keep both the Earworm and the Bekah in the loot pool of loot enemies, with the Earworm being a regular drop, so able to drop during normal mode and have the Bekah become a rare dedicated farm in the form of a Mayhem 6+ item (with a drop chance of like 10% or so). That way players would have something new to farm and look forward to, while not getting forced into a stupid rushjob of an event.

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I wish the eridium buffs were permanent. Rerolls are so goddamn expensive especially as a newly endgame player.


What can I expect from BL3 today the 18/09/21 here in the UK, is there any where I can go for a higher chance of better loot

Shlooter artifact from DLC6