Yellow Loot ghosts done f n spawn! cant get any new legendary!

How about make the ywllow ghosts spawn if u actually want players farming fo rur new gear…

come on, we dont gotta swear

I wouldn’t focus on those. I have had more legendaries from badass ghosts. Also they absolutely do spawn.

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4 new legendary only drops from them or captain haunt. plus there is a challenge abount killing xx loot ghosts.

What I did was farm the viscous canopy on edin. Where the water fall is. It’s a good farming method but don’t expect yellow ghost to appear all the time. Their the rarest to spawn. My suggestion is just keep farming high volume enemy areas

Gold ghosts don’t even drop stuff regularly. I’ve gotten way more legendary loot from the red ghosts, and they are more abundant. If you want legendary Terror anointed gear, kill the red ghosts.

Just did a session last night on Athenas farming Chupacabratch. Noticed while doing this the ratch and Maliwan soldiers had a lot of yellow loot ghost spawn. Might be random but worth a look.

id love just to shoot some ghosts. cant play harvest support isnt helping. dowloaded hotpatch, waited at start screen played with my friend with bloody harvest active, but on,my own its always inactive. linked to shift. uninstalled twice and reinstalled twice.
lucky you got any ghosts i cant even get them at the main menu.

Seems like they spawn a lot in the area before Jakob’s Estate.

I seem to get better loot from the red skulls; just got a legendary class mod for Amara yesterday from one while playing a TVHM story mission.

Random loot is, as they say, random. Expect clusters of golden joy and times when the loot gods frown upon you.


I easily killed 200 golden and 500 red ones, no event loot, but tons of other legendaries.
If all other legendaries also are in that pool, I guess I’m not gonna see event loot anytime soon from them.

And Capt. Haunt itself never dropped something till now and he is boring now, soooo boring, boooorrrriiinnnnggggg!

I only have a couple more kills and I finished 100% of the event, if I didn’t get anything event related by then, I simply move on, forget that event and call it fubar!

Also the most silly thing of all are those 25 slimes you need to collect evertime which on top only work with the damn quest active, so the 100 greens, reds and yellow you kill don’t even count.

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last time I played, Pippie was haunted by a yellow ghost in Sanctuary.

Yep the weird dog thing has been haunted since the event started.

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