Yellowcake and opg as they are

For me anyway, those are really the only usable guns at m7.

Please don’t “nerf” them.


Unfortunately they are both cartel weapons. When the event ends you wont get anymore and level cap increases will move them down the list.


I’m aware. But there seem to be calls to nerf them anyway.

Well, the plan seems to be to lower the bullet spongieness of the mobs in the higher mayhem levels and raise old world gun damage while lowering some of the newer stuff. Perhaps when they bring some of the older stuff back in line you will find some more weapons that fit your playstyle to make up for it.

Depending on your character and build I still find that some of the newer M6 weapons are working great for me. Recursion, sandhawk, Kaoson and a few others are featuring heavily in my builds.

Let me know if I can help you out with some of this stuff.

Or did you mean you tried them and just dont like any of the other mechanics?


Unless there’s a massive jump from M6 to M7 you might find other guns are more usable than you think. Most need the right anointment, but there again that’s the point of higher Mayhem levels anyway I should have thought.

The Loot the Universe event has certainly helped me and I’ve managed to find a number of weapons with the 300/90 anointment and they kill on M6 fine. I also have a Night Hawkin with a so-so anointment but it still kills things pretty quick and is in fact my most used weapon outside the Cartel ones. And now I’ve been slowly building up a cache of gear with the 150% radiation damage when below 50% health anointment and today tried that with Amara and a Deathless Artifact and it rocks possibly even better than the 300/90 one.

So although the OPQ and YC are still the top guns I definitely recommend some other weapons with good anointments as they open up more gameplay variety

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I do that on M8 and I’m loving it. Never would’ve guessed it that I actually like 1hp build. Granted, I pair it w/ red fang so aggro is no issue. But my deathless is Cutpurse, so even ammo is a non-issue.
I really, really hope Gbx keeps the new anointments around. Sick of ASEs.


Good points. I have collected some Recursion, Sandhawk, and Kaoson but have been leaving them in the ‘vault’. I should load some up and see.

I have collected some 300/90 stuff but haven’t given it a fair chance. Thanks for the thought.

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Yeah, those three give you everything you really need. Recursion is a killer for groups, kaoson slays single targets and sandhawk is an excellent bossing weapon.

I think you will be happy with the performance of those, at least for now.


I wouldn’t rely too heavily on Cartel-exclusive anointments since they might raise the level cap after those are no longer available (like they did to terror anointments).

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The cartel anointments are staying. Period.

I personally would like them brought down a level if they reduce the tankiness of mayhem 10 enemies. I feel sort of silly when all for of my vault hunters have yellow cakes set as 1 of their 4 weapons even if it has nothing to do with their build. And this is coming from someone who didn’t even bother to fire a launcher before mayhem 2.0 came out. Its damage is ludicrous and you don’t even need skill/gear synergies to 3 shot bosses with x126 hp. It’s too convenient not to use when you are farming. It practically feels like cheating…

The most important thing for me though is bringing the useless legendaries into relevance. I shouldn’t have to break my wrist to kill something with the maggie, a previously top tear gun.


Wishful thinking or do you have some information I did not know of?

It was posted in a number of other threads yesterday. Gearbox announced that the Cartel anoints were all staying after the event is over.

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Sandhawk is great for bossing.
Kaoson is just plain fun. I get such a kick out of using it. And it does good damage.
Haven’t tested out Recursion yet though I have a few in the vault.
Just now going to be trying out the Monarch.
For me this is all at M10 so I would imagine the same or better results at M7.


Thank you for the information. I am of mixed feelings about that but guess we just have to adjust to the overrun of anointment options now.

We’ll just have to wait and see what the upcoming patches bring. GBX said that they’re going to make improvements to some of the anoints to make them more useful.

Even then, just the shear number of them makes it tough.

1 in 10 shot to drop dedicated.

1 in 5 to find element you want.

1 in 30 to get anointment you want.

Just that alone means an average of 1500 runs to find one weapon you like. Yes, I am making broad generalizations on the chances and such but just as an example.

Not even going to get into min max or pellet count weapons like trying to get a 20 pellet anarchy.

If you kill the mob once every 2 minutes including examining the drops and ammo refills thats 3000 minutes or 50 hours of farming.

I wish they would take all anointments off weapons and put them on trinket slots or something instead. Yes, many threads about both that and about a reroll system. It just makes me cringe having more anointments in the present system.

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At the risk of being Captain Obvious, you bought a game that advertised over One Billion guns. What exactly were you expecting?

Well, Captain, when purchasing a franchise game you tend to expect things that are common within the franchise.

They tried implementing a semi - new mechanic to the franchise. Bravo. You gotta move forward or why bother.

The community has been very vocal they dont really like the implementation but they DO like the idea, or at least, accept it.

I LIKE the fact that there is a large variety of weapons and methods to approach the playstyle. I DON’T mind farming and spending a few hours to get that special weapon I wanted. I just want a reasonable shot at something I want to play with.

We all know the billions of guns is a nice hype thing. We all realize they didn’t say billions of usable weapons. When, however, out of those billions of weapons there are, at present, about ten or so that are able to handle to top content, well, give us a shot.

My rough example above was simply stating what I saw was the problem with the present system. Fell free to check out other posts I have started or participated in suggesting ways to alleviate the frustration many of us are feeling about this.

Heck, I have seen posts doing much more deep math suggesting the ideal drop is closer to a 1 in 800,000 chance to find.

So, what did I expect? A little more of the fun I experienced in previous games of the franchise and a little less of the frustration we are experiencing with the present system.

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