Yellowcake and OPQ will be 'Nerfed' by potential Level/Skill point increase!

I’ve heard reference to a possible level/ skill points increase and that would seem likely with the introduction of the new DLC. If that’s true then the Yellowcake and OPQ, which are only available via the Cartel mission (which ends on 4th June), will be effectively nerfed at that point because there will be no way of farming for a higher level version!


wedding invitation says hi!


This is why I never bother spending hours of my time to farm for timed event gear. Inevitably, there will be a couple +3 level cap increases and gear like The Wedding Invitation will go the way of the Dodo.


I really wish that there was a way in which you could upgrade the weapons you’ve spent weeks and months farming for!

Until next year, at least.

Honestly if they raise the level cap in June update I’ll probably not come back to the game for a while. Each time they “give” us a ton of loot or whatever, they immediately nullify that by involuntarily raising our level and making all of whatever farming pointless.

Also, yeah, all event specific loot is pointless now. No variety to be had from level 50 terror gear.

Sorry I’m in a mood today.


GB must give people a way to level their items when a level increase is made. Maybe through the use of the collected eridium or through money. In the same way, there must finally be a way to change the anointing, farming for special anointing is actually pointless, since you almost never get what you want. You farm for free for hours, days or weeks, especially when there is no way to level your stuff. Farming every time and being happy when you find what you have been looking for does not last long. I slowly lost my desire to get the desired anointing, especially through the crap drop rate and the chance. I’ve farmed every boss over 500x because of Kaoson, Monarch, Sandhawk and Plaguebearer. I got one of the weapons while farming, then with crap anointments.


They will be nerfed anyways soon tbh.
But that nerf won’t really affect them since they also scale down hp shield and armor of enemies mayhem 7 and higher.

Well one thing was sure anyways with the next level cap increase Yellow and OPQ will lose reliability.

With BL3 good gear isnt good for very long due to nerfs and level cap increases. Once all content is released and the final level cap is in place the real meta gear will be known and it will probobly be something we havent even seen yet.


Exact reason im trying to make my builds without them. I do run a Kaoson but its in the main game. Been working on Fl4k just over a week trying to get him like i want.

Maybe the upgrade to the Veteran Rewards Machine proposed in the Dev fine tuning M2.0 news item could be a route to unobtainable items.

It says mission rewards but given how bad some of GB’s wording can be, it could be cosmetics let’s face it. :rofl:

Hopefully just as easy to enable the thing to spit out event rewards.


Am I the only one thinking that the yellowcake will still nuke everything even if its 3 levels behind?

You not alone. To be honest it probably do damn good 6 levels under the max cap most likely. Moze explosion ammo regen build probably can get away with below 9 max cap maybe

Ghast call and Fear anoints also say hello!

Honestly tho. We’re not even close to the true end game yet. Noelle did hint in another thread that this content will be making a return. Perhaps yearly rotation, or a permanent addition after the DLC cycle is done. Right now we’re only playing around with what might be once all content is released and the final level cap is in place. Don’t get locked into just one build, have some fun and enjoy the new stuff as it comes out.


The level cap would have to be raised to, like, 70, for the L57 versions of these particular guns to become useless. They’ll still be good at the much more likely level 60.

But, yeah, this is one of the drawbacks of having limited time events - can’t get what might be your favorite gear at a higher level until the next time it comes around. On the other hand, maybe it helps you get out of a rut of using the same ol’ gear all the time - kind of a shame to ignore all the rest of the awesome variety available to us in BL3! :slight_smile:

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Exactly! I have said the same thing myself some time ago and I would not be surprised if eventually the gloves come off and it’s no holds barred in the Borderverse. :grinning:


Lol, not at all. I don’t think people understand just how op that thing is. Last weekend I was starting a new character and I got one to drop when I was lv 32, I used it all the way through lv57, mayhem 6 just to see if I could.

They would need to seriously nerf it into the ground or raise the level cap substantially for a level 57 one to not be viable. Going off B3s history, looks like we’ll get what - an increase of 3-4 levels? Plus they’re lowering enemy health in m7-10 lol

Tell that to the pre-nerf Flakker crowd.

But the Flakker “nerf” was a buff, one of the biggest in the game to date. The damage was decreased slightly, and the mag was reduced to one, but because the fire rate was so slow you actually got a functional fire rate increase if you manually reload AND your ammo capacity was quartered so you gained more than x3 damage over the course of the ammo pool. Flakker is amazing.

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I seriously hope they buff Flakker back up, no matter how hard they try there will always be something OP that people will flock to.