Yellowcake is now Yellowcrumbs

Well, it used to be a good weapon. Now it will just get you killed if you try to use it on Mayhem 10. Which, by the way still has only about 5 viable weapons that do adequate damage to enemies at that level. The latest adjustments to some other weapons have changed little. For example, most SMGs went from being abysmally bad at Mayhem 10 to merely weak. I’m still not going to use them if I want to stay alive.

I hate to rant, but this is very frustrating and takes away from the good things in the game. For example, I really like the way Mayhem levels work now, where I can reroll for modifiers I like. And I’m working my way through the Hammerlock DLC, and really liked the Revenge of the Cartels.

But the nerfing of weapons into oblivion has to stop, especially when one of them was one of the few viable weapons at the highest difficulties. Right now I am getting through Mayhem 10 with my O.P.Q. System AR, my Hellshock pistol, and various sniper rifles. Almost EVERY other weapon is limp compared to these.

Gearbox, you need to stop destroying the weapons that actually make the game fun to play. We’re not playing against other players, so the need to balance guns isn’t the hot priority as it would be in a PvP environment. Make the other guns better instead of making the good ones weaker. It is beyond annoying. Now my Yellowcakes that I collected go into the junkheap like my Ion Cannons from the last DLC. Where’s the fun and sense in that?

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you do realise that after reading your thread they’ll probably nerf the OPQ and Hellshock, right?

I never really used the YellowCake so the nerf really didn’t effect me

However the OPQ will likely see a nerf soon