Yellowcake/OPQ System farming

Hey just got back into BL and wanted decent rolls of yellowcake ond OPQ at M10. 6ish hours later famming the villa, scraptraps, and proving grounds I got 1 yellowcake thats pretty meh. Is there a better way or just keep grinding?

Unless you kill yourself after you kill the underbosses that spawn before joey, scraptraps is the the fastest.

You should be able to achieve the same result by simply using the FT to travel to the start of the map.

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Kill the 2 underbosses that spawn with Joey, then leave Joey alive and either die or fast travel back to the spawn point. You can go back and restart the boss fight.

Make sure at least 1 of the 2 underbosses that spawn with joey have the weapon you want to drop in thier loot pool. If not, save quit and re enter the game to get new spawns.

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The scraptrap.method is the fastest but theres a controlled easier method i use.

Plaguebearer or singularity grenade longbow or sticky lobbed.

First play the hamster dance song. Drop down into the pit. Look to your left ull find a cave and a Techno :banana: chest. Gather all the clap traps running into a circle. Run into the cave gp behind the leftnof the chest spam grenades or at the wall. Ceilinf the plague bearer. The claptraps will spin in a circle of doom. And die therr spwaninf some enemies and more claptraps will spawn. Just keep everyone right there clustered together. Use a splashing radiation… Like a yellowcake but not nessasary it.just needs to radiate everyone. As they be clustered and explosions will happen. Using this method.multiple.bosses can spawn at once. Clsuters.keep em.busy bosses and robots cannfight everyone is fighting etc.

To reset simply jumo out the container. Therre a.small.ledge that lets you jump back up. Claptraps or clapprime will reset to.regulae claptraps.

I have done the boss farmng.method. this is faster by.miles. as you can get.multiple of the same boss in one area. Ive gotten the.mist and ill say openly mayhem 2.0 has been horrible wise seeing no useable anoint mayhem 2.0 gear except one plaguebearer after many weeks.