Yellowcake question

Is there a way of using it that always gives the most damage? If I shoot it offhand, it sometimes doesn’t give all damage until the 4th or 5th shot. The extra balls of energy.

If I shoot through the gunsite it almost always works in the best way.

I imagine I’m missing something obvious. Thanks for any tips on the best way to use it. :sunglasses:

Ive noticed if im to close it wont give much dmg but there is like a sweet spot that just smacks i only ever hipfire the darn thing as long as im in the “sweetspot” it gives me good dmg. Thats my exp with it at least

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With a re-router and 300v90 anoint, I can 1-shot captain Traunt, if I get him at the right distance. But sometimes it seems that my shots don’t connect or maybe I’m too close and the extra projectiles “miss” even though the main one hit him.


Maybe something changed recently, but it’s a lot harder to 1-shot him since the last hot fix. I don’t mind, but it feels like something changed. But it could very well be me.

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best damage is when the projectile starts to split in two , both hitting the target and the 4 extra one deals splash damage on the ground behind him , and for those to fully hit him best way is to have an angle from top to bottom ,so with a jump it’s easier , also if there is a wall behind him or an other ennemy it’s easier too


More Elements More Hits,Like a Recursion.
This Weapon is broken.
Theoretically,Possible 50-100hits.

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Thanks everyone.

So, it’s not just me! It apparently acts like a flakker with a sweet spot distance for shooting. I hadn’t realized that.

The Yellowcake is indeed a very fickle gun. I’d still like to know why when a random mob steps in front of me when I’m firing it, I get insta-killed and they take very little damage. It seems like at least we’d both get blown up.

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It’s kinda like Bekah. You need approximately the same amount of distance for the projectiles to split and do the most damage.

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Could be that you have very little Shield/Health with respect to whoever jumps in front of you so it doesn’t take much of a hit to down you.

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No, it always happens, no matter how much shield/health I have. It just seems to be a weird thing with the Yellowcake.

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It’s because it does self damage. You can one shot yourself shooting at the ground. AND its rudimentary base damage, not to mention anointed and splash, is higher than your shield/health combined.

It kind of has to come with a price.

No doubt. There’s no question as to why it’s killing me, but rather why it isn’t also killing the mob in front of me. Not a big deal. Just one of those things that I’ve wondered about.

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I’ve experienced this a few times with Amara, farming the minibosses with Joey.

Most significantly, depending on your Mayhem Level, the mobs have gobs more health than you do. So even without multipliers, a straight hit by a Yellowcake orb will down me, but just tickle the mobs.

There is a sweet spot on the damage too. Too close, like in FFYL, you’re not getting the full damage potential. Also, orb/splash damage seems to sometimes just miss.

While I farm Traunt, if it takes more than a few hits to kill him, I’ll see at least one that barely moves his shield/health. I’ve had a few situations where the first hit on my 1-shot kill build, doesn’t appear to do any damage at all. Not sure if there’s a bug or lag or what.

I have notice that when I’m in FFYL, I have more success if I aim slightly off center of the target I’m trying to kill. It’s almost as if the splash damage is better than a straight on hit. I’m sure there’s some RNG involved.

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Thanks very much.