Yellowcake, Sandhawk & Koason Nerfed

We all knew it was coming
Now it’s official

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You see the patch notes already or something?

Watching Bordercast stream on Twitch

Ah I see. Did they mention how much they’re going to be lowering enemy health?

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at Mayhem 10 enemies will be having +10k% more health/shield/armor. That’s a drop from +12.5k.

They left the OPQ and buffed, was it 10, SMGs they said?

Sweet, that’s about what I was picturing when they announced it before. The jump from m9 to m10 actually makes a big difference

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The OPQ will probably see a reduction
It’s actually living up to its name to well

can you summarize changes that they discuss? can’t watch it at the moment.

Basically “nerf this, nerf that” and buff super situational stuff like the airborne anointment.

Also, they want to make the players choose between “playing the AS game” or “playing the gear game” whatever that’s supposed to mean but that’s not coming with this update.

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For the Sandhawk, there was some sort of stability issue that they had to remove two pellets, so they will only be x7 now instead of x9, but they also sped up the projectiles to give it better versatility at longer range. The Yellowcake, had a glitch that made the damage compound in a way it wasn’t supposed to, so they corrected it, though they claim it will still be very powerful. The Kaoson, apparently was designed to have the really high base damage, and the exploding rounds was a last minute change, making its damage output out perform, so they dialed it back slightly. They said that while you will notice a slight change to performance of these guns, with the tweaking of the mayhem percentages, they will still perform very well. We’ll see, though, once it’s live, hopefully they are right. Plus a bunch of other SMGs are getting buffed, and they mentioned AR and Pistol and other buffs to come down the road.


Did they say if there would be any new weapons from the takedown?

SMG’s only? sucks. the rest might be via hotfixes.

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Some SMGs, those with overly specific effects like the Ripper to be specific.

When talking about balancing and such, that there was new gear coming in this, and the dlc and other events down the road, but no specifics.

ARs will be looked at in time.

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Yeah, this round is a batch of 8-10 SMGs, but he said he was still looking at others, and that they were also looking at ARs and pistols, and that more buffs would be coming later. Also reiterated that action skill buffs would be coming in phase 2, to reopen the door to action skill builds and use.


They buffed the bitch, ripper, vanquisher, jackhammer, and they mentioned theyre going to do a pass on other weapon types next. (Assault rifles), and huge anointment buffs

theres like 10+ buffs and 3 nerfs that probably wont be even worth complaining about. makes perfect sense given theyre lowering scaling

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Hmm, only 10 buffs? I figured they’d be doing a much bigger overhaul than that