Yellowcake, Sandhawk & Koason Nerfed

Same, I was hoping for a bigger pass but I’m just glad I’ll have a reason to use the 10 bitch smgs I have in the vault lol

Same, 2 weeks of meh hotfixes, i was expecting more. Well let’s see later the patch notes.

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Yea, although I only play mayhem 10 so I guess going from 12500 to only 10000 health is a pretty significant buff in itself, across the board which is good

Did they give a schedule?

I am fine with them balancing the Sandhawk and Yellowcake due to those issues, but it baffles me that the Devs still don’t do anything about persisting older issues that are even more destabilizing that are very similar in their outcome, i.e. the Recursion is a destabilizing projectile mess that occurs from ASE anoints. Why can’t they put some time to fix their added damage calculation coding to fix this issue? It creates a similar cheesefest.

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This was mentioned to be fixed with or before quest rewards/chests not scaling? If this isn’t changed first I want my money back for the dlc’s that are virtually worthless as of rn save for one boss to farm in each dlc

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I’m fine with those nerfs but who knows anything can change. Incoming patch/hotfixes tomorrow whichever it is.

patch notes will be released probably 10 hours from now (based on the usual schedule), then it will be live a few hours after.


Do you or anyone know the file size to download for the patch for tomorrow?

no idea

Okay thanks for answering my question.

According to Mitsu (the devs in the 'cast didn’t mention it) the OPQ did NOT receive a nerf and won’t. In my opinion, because it is “working as intended”, unlike the guns that were nerfed, and it has a built-in drawback (you can blow yourself up if you shoot something too close to you), I don’t think it should be nerfed, nor do I expect it will be in the future. :slight_smile:

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I like the changes to the Sand Hawk (at least on paper, we’ll see when it goes live). Faster projectiles and longer distance before the pellets disappear sound good to me. And really the only reason the damage went down is because they needed to lose 2 pellets because it was causing performance issues.

We’ll have to see what we get tomorrow, but not everything was included in the discussion in the 'cast. We are also supposed to get bug and performance fixes with this patch. And, they HAVE been working on thses things all along. Not as fast as I’d like to see, but good work has been done and the game has improved since launch.

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Not enough done, yellowcake nerf was expected so whatever i never notice the sandhawk stability issue, but then I only used it in boss fights, was hoping for lower then 10000 hsa , was hoping for like 7500% 750% per mayhem level but whatever, Ripper buff? Lol weapon has always sucked so the buff needs to be substantial like 200% dam after melee, anything less nope. Also why isn’t patch out now? If it was done last week why do we still have to wait till 3 in the afternoon to play? Even later for European players, should have been released at 3 in the morning like how it used to be in the 360 days, remember waiting till 2 0r 3 am to download new Dlcs

They mentioned with the Yellowcake, the intention was always there that the player learned its sweet spot for the splits so they all hit for massive damage, but they accidentally gave the splits this multiplicative damage boost thanks to a math error, which was fixed.

One of the SMGs being buffed is the Bitch, which I’m curious to see because it was one of my favorite SMGs in BL2 but it’s rather meh in BL3 thus far. I think the Hellfire is another one getting a buff which is also sorely needed.

I don’t comprehend the mentality in this thread. They lower the enemies stats and simultaneously lower the damage of the only weapons that stand a chance to kill anything on Mayhem 10.

As far as the 8-10 SMG’s getting a buff. Have you ever tried to kill a minor enemy with the Ripper? Even on Mayhem 0, it takes 3-4 clips to kill/damage anything.

I hate to say it, but I don’t believe there will be any noticeable difference in gameplay after this update.

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is not it astounding that they have gon over whopping 10 smgs? and figured only 3 needed buff ? lmao what an insane amounts of work

Is my english that bad. I understood that they overhauled ~10 but just mentioned 3 as examples.

he sad he looked into 10 right but even if it was 10 is not it just laughable for chrit’s sake, i was expecting whole general gun class alterations let alone red text gun adjustments.

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And mods, and relics, and grenades, and shields,…