Yellowcake: what am I doing wrong?

I still have yet to see a single Yellowcake drop but someone gifted me one:

I’m not sure what mayhem level this is but it looks to be around M8? Maybe someone else can tell that has seen more of them. Anyway, I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong because apparently everyone else can one shot everything with this. I’m playing on M8 and I just can’t see how this is so good. Can anyone clue me into how I may be using it improperly (or something)?

I have tried using it fairly close (not too close as it kills you). I have tried medium range and far range. I have aimed at the feet. I have aimed at mid section and head. Traunt for example I can hit him a dozen times and still not even be through his shield (again this is M8…not M10). I see videos of people hitting him on M10 and he just melts immediately. I see huge threads how this needs to be nerfed. I just don’t see how my experience with this can be so different. Anyone have any suggestions? So confused…


Track the distance that the missile splits at, aim it so it splits just before hitting your target.

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Pretty sure I have tried that but enemies don’t exactly just stand in one place so I doubt most of my shots are perfectly timed. I did try lowering from M8 to M7 and it does work slightly better. I’m starting to think this is actually not an M8 weapon but a lower mayhem level than I thought or something.

That’s an M10 version. You do have to let it split. It actually splits twice. Once in two projectiles, then into 4. Here’s mine in action with Amara vs Joey:

So I think what I was experiencing is indeed what I suspected. I think the gun was a much lower mayhem level than I assumed. I finally got my own drop at M7 and the damage is higher (it’s also a x2 variant) and it performs better than my other one. So with a mayhem level appropriate weapon it works much better.

I think the other contributing factor is that I’m playing Moze so I can’t prime my damage with Fade Away or Phasezerker or whatever. Since I’m just killing a boss I have no buffs built up so I’m relying 100% on the gun damage with nothing boosting it. As a test I reset the zone and cleared the mobs in front of Traunt’s area to build up a few stacks of Phalanx Doctrine and max Drowning in Brass before jumping down and engaging Traunt and it was quite a bit more damage.

So mystery solved…level appropriate gun + damage boosting skills required for insane damage. Might also help if I had a damage boosting anoint to utilize.

That is an M10 Cake

If that was an M10 then I have no explanation why an M7 variant would perform so much better. That makes no sense unless the x2 is that much better that it could be 3 levels lower and twice as good.

For most enemies my go to strategy is to try and be at just the right distance so that I can jump and fire at their feet so that it splits right before hitting the ground. That way they get hit by the split explosion, then immediately the explosion of it hitting the ground.

How can one tell what M level an item is?

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My yellow is an M8

32k in damage

The launcher by itself won’t one shot things unless they’re really weak to begin with. It’s a combination of the weapon, your other gear and certain skills.

It is better in terms of damage but it also overheats a lot quicker so I prefer the x1 variant for mobbing and the x2 variant against bosses.

Here’s my example of testing the yellow cake with no skill points, etc., enabled:

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Yeah, as I was saying. You even had an x2 variant with the 300% anointment and the heavies were taking it relatively well.

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It is a pissy weapon for me to use. Basically it has a “I missed the sweet spot” and it does basically no damage or a “I hit the sweet spot” MASSIVE damage. Trying to hit an individual psycho isn’t gonna happen by and large. For me, It is good vs someone like Captain Traunt where he stands mostly still or a room packed with foes (Ultraviolet) where you are gonna hit something.

The people doing one shots will have the M10 2x version and good annointments .

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Exactly. I have a real love/hate relationship with this weapon. I’ve never used anything that was so fickle before. I can 1 shot Traunt on M10 and then turn around and do the same thing and have it do very little damage. It can take me 3 shots just to kill a level 58 mob. I don’t know why so many people are crying about this gun.

Yeah. I have been using this to farm Traunt and it is very fickle. I think most of my initial problems with it was a combination of not knowing how to use it and the fact that results seem to very. I think initially I would hit in just the right spot and from the right distance but when it didn’t do damage I assumed I was doing something wrong and would then start using it in a wrong way because of that.

It also makes a big difference if it’s used in conjunction with anointments/AS buffs or not. I was using it on Moze without any buff to prime the damage so it wasn’t hitting for as strong as it could have.

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So people were saying the gun I posted in the OP was an M10 version…however, since I had that one I have gotten two more.

I got this at M8:

And I just got this at M10:

So comparing the first one to these it looks more like M8 or M9? You would think the one with the highest item score would be M10 but I assume the M8 one has higher score because it’s x2? I don’t know. And if the original one was M10 shouldn’t it have damage more like the one I just got?

A M10 Yellowcake should have around ~40k damage but the damage can vary heavily depending on the item parts (e.g. I have a O.P.Q. System with ~5,9k damage and one with ~9k damage, both are M10).

The mayhem level affects the base damage but a M8/M9 version can have more damage than a M10 one depending on the parts it spawns with.


Distance and timing will help but overall I don’t think you’ll see the effects you are wanting without an anointment. I got the Activate200% and 300/90 and used both for a while I FAR prefered the A200%. If you get the distance right on the range and have a build that adjust damage around movement speed or personal space youll have a very very good gun but you aren’t going to have the yellowcake madness without an anointment.

I used to use it to farm Capt Traunt with my FL4K.
Even when I did that I used OPQ or something else to take down his shield first.
Then I would switch to the Yellowcake, Fadeaway, and shoot him in the back (that is where his crit spot is).

But then I got a shock Sandhawk with the 75% to bosses/badasses anoint and take him down so much faster.

Yellowcake is fickle. Just need to know the split point and maybe have a good anoint to make full use of it.