Yellowjacket drop rate estimate?

Does anyone have a rough idea of the drop rate of the Yellowjacket? I’ve only made the trip up there to kill Jackenstein twice. So far, I’m 0 for 2. I think the thing looks awesome, and I’d love to run around with them on Axton and Maya, I think.

i’ve no idea, but it is a rare drop. there are much better shock weapons, ones without the slow bullet start.

The ability on the Yellow Jacket to stop an enemy in place (to some extent) does make it very useful against a particular kind of enemy, but so many builds leave shield stripping up to grenades or a skill.

I got Yellowjacket as a first time drop, but from what I’ve heard, the drop rate may be some what similar to that of the Rough Rider and the like.

probably so, the issue is the enormous distance you have to travel to kill him. also, since its A. Shock only, and B. Ricocheting, your best bet would be on Gaige.

I was farming this about a week ago and I found that if after killing Jackenstein you don’t go up the stairs and trigger the checkpoint you instead save and quit you will respawn at the entrance to the ship allowing you to farm him quickly and easily.

If you trigger the checkpoint next to the loot room when you load back in the door back to Jackenstein’s area will be closed and you will have to make your way all the way back up from Candlerakk’s Crag. Since you can’t loot the armoury again anyway there’s no reason to go up there.

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Thank you for the responses! It appears that I’ll have to be prepared to spend a bit of time up there in case it drags out.

I know that there are better shock weapons-- I have shock Pimpernels on Axton, Zero, and Maya, shock Sand Hawk on Axton, shock plasma casters, Florentines, etc all around. I simply enjoy a little variety. I also have a bit of a thing for plasma casters. They’re pretty cool :smile:

I’d actually never heard of this gun until you mentioned it HD! That’s the beauty of Borderlands, even now, people are still learning new things!

The Yellow Jacket (Shock) is a neat little SMG that is probably best used by Gaige and Maya. To mitigate the slightly slower projectiles you could do the following:

  1. Farm for a Proactive Yellow Jacket (Shock) (Fire Rate+)
  2. Put at least 5 points in Accelerate (or at least 6 total with COM bonuses)
  3. Put at least 5 points in Wreck
  4. Use a Cleric COM (Tiny Tina DLC) that boosts Fire Rate. The one I have is a Chaotic Evil Cleric which boosts Fire Rate, Critical Damage, +6 Life Tap, +5 Suspension. Another good choice might be Chaotic Good Cleric, which boosts Fire Rate and Reload Speed. See the Cleric Wiki.

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Went to Terminus ready to be there for awhile. Settled into a decent groove right away, put him down efficiently. Pulled the Yellowjacket on the 5th kill.

After that, I was off to the Beatdown to have fun with it. Interesting gun.

i would think the beatdown would be too enclosed for it to be effective. Or is the opposite true? never really played with it.

Thing about enclosed areas and the Yellowjacket is you can make a sort of “Phalanx” effect with it. Doing Horizontal sprays in a “red light” - “green light” method. Especially effective on Maya, as she already has some skills to make enemies fall backwards.

exactly. Ive been playing since it came out 3 years ago. And i still learn new things all the time.

In actual play, use looked like…

maxed out cooldown, Legendary Siren, BoA. Converge + Ruin, of course. I’d PL, then shoot at the others who were sucked in, roughly below the PL target. I actually took pains to shrink the lines of sight, because enemy shots could get to me far faster than mine could get to them. To that end, I used that first hard corner by the zone in to play pop-a-shot and backed up to pick them off as they came around the corner. Because of the particulars of the weapon fire, I found that shooting at the converge victims under the PL target wound up creating a lot of instances where the PL wore off and the PL victim fell into line of fire after having already been hurt by Chain Reaction.

Overall, it is a beautiful weapon to look at, and fun to use. Time to kill is less than ideal, so it’s more of a fun departure than a core weapon for me. I’ll keep it for that purpose.