YellowJacket Help

I need some help getting a yellow jacket. I absolutely despise Jackenstein so I need all the help I can get… I’m on Xbox one and my GT is InfiniteRose 92. Thank you in advance!

What level? Also, why specifically the Yellow Jacket? A decent shock plasma caster might actually be more useful!

Op 8 and I completely agree! I don’t know I just want a yellow jacket

Sorry, don’t have an OP 8 one (mine are level 72 at most). I find Jackenstein easiest using shock Gaige and a Storm sniper rifle - the orbs automatically home in on J’s critical spots, and you can easily hit him from across the map. Quasars are also very effective.

What do you use to shoot his chest?

Shred dicier to take out tanks, then beehawk chest. Once you get a system down only takes a few minutes. I run a zero with chaotic evil rogue,I use a slag shreddifier then corrosive sand hawk.the sandhawk takes out robots then jackensteins chest!

Thank you!!

I use the Storm again for that - avoids a lot of aggravation waiting for the opportunity to shoot. If you don’t have a Storm, a Sandhawk will indeed do the job (easier to hit the crit spot if you have multiple pellets per shot.) Other things I’ve used for the capacitors are a Lady Fist, Rubi, various scoped assault rifles, …