Yep, I'm Am Now 100% Done With Pre-Ordering

I was already fed up with the problems pre-ordering is causing in the gaming Industry. After 2014 and more so then anything else after Destiny I was pretty much ALMOST 100% done with pre-ordering. I say almost 100% because even tho i had decided never to pre-order a game again both on principle and because it is only hurting the quality of games in general, i decided to make a exception for the Handsome Collection since i have and still play both games already so i felt i knew that they would be 100% fine and ready to go on launch.

But here i am on the character select screen “not able to play” because i have no idea if playing will damage my chances of getting my Badass Rank too carry over when the issue is resolved or if everything i do now on the Handsome Collection before it is resolved will all be wasted because maybe to keep my current Badass rank i might have to undo all my progress or something else of that nature.

So ya…No More Exceptions… No More Pre-Orders PERIOD…

As a Update to this i now have My Proper Badass rank (i’m on ps4). I tried re-uploading (ps3) and redownloading (ps4) and it was there and i was overjoyed lol. If your on ps you should check to see if you have can get it. Make sure that Shift fully authenticates all the way as that’s prolly a extremely important part of why it worked for me.


It was disappointing to me as well

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I don’t think it will damage your chances, GBX has been good at refunding BARs when they get wrecked via updates and stuff.

Just go ahead and play, you’ll likely get your BAR back soonish (maybe at the cost of any new tokens you gain).

I didn’t know BAR meant so much to people, if I had to choose between playing now or waiting for confirmation that my BAR would stay, I’d have clicked “play game” as soon as the option apeared.


The one and only reason i’ve only played 4 different characters in BL1 and prolly 50+ in BL2 is Badass Rank. It’s the only thing that makes alts of the same class enjoyable to me.

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I still played, still disappointed though. Mostly just felt a sense of accomplishment for all the challenges, and the skins I unlocked.(didn’t get those either)

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Playing on alts of the same class in Borderlands 1 isn’t enjoyable to me because the knowledge that everything i’m currently doing on them is actually wasting time i could be progressing my main 4 in some way and that when i eventually decide to delete them every bit of progress made with them would have all been pointless and meaningless at this point. It made it where i didn’t want to play on a low level when i was playing with other friends who were on much lower level characters. But playing BL with 2 level 5 in a level 5 game is far more enjoyable then with a level 5 and a level 69 who either has to spend all his time focusing on holding back or just 1 shot everything instantly so that new player who currently deciding whether he likes the game or not can watch you 1 shot everything so fast he can even land a single bullet before they explode so he just has to watch you curb stomp everything instantly for a few mins before he gets bored and says “man, this game so boring, i’m gonna go play something else, i have no idea why you love this game so much.”

You seem to have latched onto BAR, it never really appealed to me, I like my challanges with an end point.

I replay Bl1 more than any other borderlands game, simply because it’s my favourite. To keep it fresh I do different playstyles (there are about 3 broad ones for each character) or go hyper focused and do a Manufactorer or weapon type restriction playthrough.

Not saying your wrong or anything, just an interesting observation.

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Different People Prefer Different Things LOL :P.

To be Completely Honest if they end up making a Borderlands 1 Remastered I desperately want them to add the Badass rank system to the game even if they just have to add it on top of the completely unchanged existing game.

Although to be honest i think the best way IN GENERAL for them to go about a Borderlands 1 Remastered would be to keep pretty much everything but the User Interface and Hud and most of the menu things (but make some of the things some people actually liked from it a toggle-able option in the menu like the inventory display menu and such). I still play BL1 to this day but that compass so is freaking Awful that it always takes so long to get kinda used to it again and even then i constantly miss the actual competence of the BL2 mini map system compared to the inefficiency of even the best compass systems.

But ya i think the best practical way to do it is to give Borderlands 1 the BL2 user interface, the badass rank, fix the Bugged guns that still don’t work right to this day (poor Reaper v.v) fix the guns that names are still glitched to this day (invader/executioner tho might be a exception to this since they actually built future stuff off of this glitch like BL2 Invader (with the intended name this time)).

Would also be nice in my opinion if they added more guns using the BL1 loot system and changed the inner frame work of the game so they can add new content more easily (the only reason we never got new dlc characters in BL1 was because the game’s inner frame work made it pretty much near impossible. This was confirmed by Randy i think where he was saying (i’m paraphrasing) “We really wanted to add more characters to BL1 but we couldn’t because the inner frame work of the game made it impossible”) If they release a Borderlands 1 Remastered i don’t see any reason why they couldn’t add even more DLC too it and would be Overjoyed beyond what words can proper articulate if they did.

“To keep it fresh I do different playstyles (there are about 3 broad ones for each character) or go hyper focused and do a Manufactorer or weapon type restriction playthrough.”

I kinda do this too but i respec to it on one of my main 4 or main 6 rather just make a completely new toon for it.

Personally I just want a pure remaster with fixed glitchs, leave HUD alone and don’t add extra content. As cool as it would be, I’d much rather a " pure" bl1 and have a proper Sequal that takes inspiration from all 3 games and has the best of them all + new innovation.

It’s not really the same though, since at 69 you can grab almost every good skill. Sure you can change COMs/weapons.

But to truely experience a playstyle you have to level with it, find guns as you progress not look through your bank at all the badass purples/legendaries you have but don’t use because you had a different com.

Respecing at 69 is fun, but it’s completely different to starting from 1-30 (my niche characters rarely do pt2)

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Eh, well i would at least like to see the option to use the BL2 User Interface for those who prefer it. Maybe they could just have a thing in the options where you can either have it on a pure BL1 HUD or switch it to a Pure BL2 style HUD. It would definitely add far more enjoyment for me not to have to spend my first few hours playing trying to re-adjust to the BL1 compass every time i switch games.

To address your OP, @BigBadDogIV, what issue are you experiencing exactly? Have you transferred a toon and lost BAR?

If so, see below. If it’s something else, let me know so we can get you taken care of asap.


That’s what I did.

Thank you for this reply to my issue. I will go ahead and take your guys word on this and start playing and just hope this doesn’t end up becoming like countless other experiences I’ve had from many other games before where a dev or community manager or something said it would be fine to continue playing for now but it turned out a complete rollback or something similar was needed.

Just a heads up mate, in another post I was told that the fix may require retransferring the characters. This may overwrite any BAR progress you achieve playing in the meantime.
I have OCPD and need my BAR for progression reference so I’m waiting until they further confirm yay or nay about exactly how the fix will affect BAR.

From what I understand they are working hard to fix it (since late last night) so hopefully the fix or update to info comes quickly for us.


I feel the frustration OP. I try to be patient and understand that things don’t always work initially as planned. What I’m pretty unhappy with, is that this issue just came up after the fact. Not a single mention of it before hand and just really bad timing.

I can’t believe that this issue was completely unknown until after the launch happened. The fact that they delayed the rewards for a still as of yet unknown amount of time, is pretty disheartening. Nothing ruins the joy of finally playing a game you’ve been looking forward to more than a botched launch which it appears, from the outside, could have been handled better. But I guess them mentioning it would possibly lose them sales so I see why it wasn’t mentioned until after.

Seems to be the norm these days that they’re simply reactive, and not more preventative. And that’s not just on Gearbox, it’s many developers these days. Ah well…

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These days its best to wait a month before getting a new game because these developers have no concept of quality control. In fact I wonder if they even bothered to turn on the game before they shipped it.

How could this glitch make it to gold? Seriously.

Its not just gearbox doing this either, we are lab rats to these companies. No need to test anything before its released we will just let the customers do the testing for us. Save us a couple of bucks.

This very rarely (if EVER) happened in games before the internet connections became common at least game breaking bugs.

The idea of Day ONE patches is just an embarrassment in my opinion. That means these guys know in advance that there are bugs in the game but they release it anyway because we are suckers.


What I’v been told by 3 people on PS4 who don’t have their PS3 anymore is that they all got there badass and heads/skins transfer over without cross save.

Don’t really understand what the OP’s point is about pre-ordering. If you just walked in and purchased the game on day 1 you would still have the same issues.

This Video explains it far better then i am even capable of doing. In the video he specifically mentions recent halo games but it is meant to apply to all gaming pre-ordering in general and mentioning halo is for the most part mainly example of the things he talking about.