Yes, ANOTHER "goodbye" thread

Well, friends and neighbors, i’m afraid i’ve hit the end of the line. This isn’t a “I’m leaving because they did THIS” speech, or even a “I’m done with Battleborn” thread (right before they release the DLC featuring my favorite character? Pfft, in your dreams…); no, this is a “it’s been fun, but i have to move on” thread. Before i officially bow out though, there are some people i want- no, NEED- to thank:

First off, i want to thank @lowlines, @Gulfwulf, @MentalMars, and @Kaleidodemon for giving so much to this community. Yes, i know there are others who have given as much (possibly more), but these are the ones i know, and who i truly believe are the heart and soul of these forums. Keep up the awesome work, guys.

Second, i want to thank @Benedict_87 and @EdenSophia for all the laughs. You two are the reason i started doing my best to make others laugh as well, but sadly, i have to give it up. Don’t you two DARE stop being you… Or i’ll find you.

Thirdly, i want to thank everyone else i’ve made some sort of relationship with on these forums (as well as those already named) for putting up with my sometimes annoying sense of humor, and all the informative conversations. To quote the fictional Bilbo Baggins:

“I don’t know half of you half as well as i should like, and i like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.”

Finally, i want to apologize to the mods not only for my oft off-topic…ness, as well as my occasional bursts of toxicity; but for the very existence of this thread. I know that “goodbye” posts are in no way a contribution to the forums, but i couldn’t help myself… So, if one of you either feels or is required to block or delete this post (perfectly understandable, and expected), i have some small requests:

If it’s @Psychichazard, please give me the BEST cute animal pic you’ve got on hand, because i could use it. This IS a “talk about the game, not each other” matter, after all…

If it’s @Kitty_Jo, please be gentle with “Lucille”, and leave my face alone; that’s my meal ticket.

If it’s @Ganjamira, fish a la king (don’t know if you’ll get the Futurama reference, but it’s SO apt).

Well… That’s it, i guess… Perhaps i’ll return one day, but if not…
-plays Simple Minds’ “Don’t you (forget about me)”, and picks up hobo stick-bundle-

Marquis (while aiming Bindlebane at @HandsomeCam): Auf Weidersehen, friend!

Me: No, wait, Marquis! I’m not poor; it’s just for symbolis-


Remember that the door is always open. You’re welcome back at any time.


As @Kaleidodemon said, remember that you can always come back here :heart:
We have tacos!

Most important: have fun with whatever comes next and stay as you are.

The topic might get closed or moved in a few days, but until then, enjoy this gif


Wait we have tacos? Why did no one tell me?

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I too am both excited and enraged by this disturbing lack of information on said tacos.

Oh… oh… and @HandsomeCam, you seem to have left some sort of emotional and heartfelt goodbye on this thread too… ah… well… uh… nope… still thinkin’ about the tacos…

Breaking Character…
@HandsomeCam So long… and thanks for all the fish.

Oh, hell, now I want fish tacos!

Breaking Character…
G****mmit Benny…

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You may need some help there buddy. Would I flag you for needing other kinds of staff attention?

Tx but no, it’s my cell acting weird. Give me a moment to come home …

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So long old friend, your legacy will live through me

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Haha, I meant so they could fix the problem for you, not that you did anything. I don’t know exactly the flagging parameters though

Awe… That makes me sad handsome…

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Welp, gonna miss you mate. Very much enjoy your presence here. By all means return whenever you need - we’ll still be waiting.

I ADMIRE your grit, soldier.


Buddy. Listen. No. That’s her favorite spot! You cant just tell her no face…

However…You do get one free pass. One. So your meal ticket is left as beautiful as it is.

But next time…

Really though. Going to miss you. Take care. Maybe come back and say hey.

Live long and prosper.


The hell dude. You not only leave us, which is sad enough, but you break it to us that Bilbo isn’t real?

Wait… does that mean… there’s no Gandalf?


Just like Santa Claus.

Not real.

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I’m sad now😖 I’m gonna miss you mate. You were among the first people I met on these forums and it was nice knowin ya! Best of luck to your future endeavors!

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You people are making this incredibly difficult to commit to… Damn. You. ALL.

Seriously, can someone please make me feel like this was the RIGHT decision?! You know, throw a “i’m glad THAT guy is gone…” my way, or something? STOP MAKING ME FEEL STUFF!! Emotions make me feel weird…

This is what i get for not just sneaking out the back door…


HandsomeCam? Omg, he’s going at last? He stole all my tacos! Oh, the rants I would have put his way if it weren’t for mod retribution. Back to the South Pole with you, penguin!

Entirely kidding. Don’t leave us! :kissing_cat:


You made me feel emotions, now I will BARRAGE YOU WITH MY EMOTIONS


When you have to leave… leave. Don’t talk.