Yes Dorothy, Melee characters can get there

I’ve got nearly 500 hours into Advanced Story mode now and have known for some time about the hidden chests ISIC and flying classes can get to on The Algorithm, but didn’t know until I had time to experiment by myself, because there were no Story peeps to be found this morning…

So anyway, in the image below you can see the two hidden chests above the left area towards the back.

As Rath, without his Double-jump, what I did was jump on the console to the very right.
Then jump left to that central door frame.
From there you can jump to the medium height ledge to your left.
Then you can jump up to the chests!



There’s hidden chest?!

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2 regular chests, not gear-guaranteed chests :slight_smile:

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…Yes the greedy ISIC’s have been ninja jumping those since the start. :slight_smile:

wwwwhhhhaaattt?? I want offical maps now.

This. I would love some maps with all the possible locations chests can spawn. I hate watching people narrate youtube videos to find this info. (no offense to those of you that narrate youtube videos, just my preference)

Lowlines is working on one for the gear guaranteed chests. Non-gear chests…maybe if you ask nicely, lol

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I got excited when I thought you were referring to the really hidden gear chests seen in this video:
I have successfully done what he did in this video only once just to say I did it and didn’t want to go through that kind of pain again haha.

Yeah he did a good job on that, I tried the same jumps and failed.