Yes, hide command rank!

Right now more than ever, on Xbox1 Incursion most of the level 100 players are pvp amateurs.The very good ones are mostly gone. Incursion is now filled with pve players that are just starting to play pvp at level 100. They play worse than level 10’s. It has never been this bad. Level 100 is the equivalent of level 10 on this platform for the most part, so there is no reason to quit if you go against them as a low level player.


I agree (however there are still good ones)

Haven’t noticed that problem (very much) on PS4

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Well to be honest it’s because a large majority of xbox players don’t want to learn how to adapt and get frustrated, however the ones that are good, are REALLY good, at some point they will all be very good, if SMITE is to be used as an example


Same on PS4, played a 5-man premade group of lvl 100’s thought I’d get stomped, and they were…terrible.

That command rank is completely meaningless. I’d vote for just getting rid of it altogether.


I have been seeing a surprising crop up of almost all 100 5 man premades that are just terrible… No healer and no coordination whatsoever. I went something like 14 and 2 as Monty with a bunch of lower levels against 4 100s and a 50 all miced up. Was wierd

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sadly i agree with you OP, lvl 100s play like they have never picked up a controller(often but still rare thank god) or they are first time PVPers which imo should still have a handle on how their character plays( which most do not) or they are in a 5 man premade and wreck **** together making the low lvls not wanting to play the game because they cant keep up with them and fell like this will happen all the time. Me on the other hand, i could definitely be in a premade seeing as how i can handle myself, am really good with the characters i play( maybe like 1/4 of the cast), and i also act like part of a team which i must add is also what other lvl 100s dont for some crap reason do

Just a match I had with real cool people, there was one guy on the mic as miko and he was coordinating with us and in now way ever got salty or mad, he was really great and healed everyone, later our whiskey and ernest got on and later caldarius (I lag with a mic) and we were a well oiled machine, and not to brag but I got a 18 1 kd ratio with highest kills, fewest deaths, most minion kills, and thralla



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It’s a thought - although it would at the cost of whatever attachment some players might have for the lvl 100 display - but I’m thinking less in terms of slighting lvl 100 players and more in terms of people just leaving the queue because they’re either worried they aren’t good enough or are too good to be hanging around with these lower level players they’ve been matched with. Both assumptions are often mistaken.

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There tends to be 2 camps of 5 man premades.

1/ Goes full meta with the same best in slot characters every game and goes hard as if it was MLG world finals every game no matter what.

2/ Group of friends who play their favourite characters, have a laugh and play with some, but usually limited, communication.

My group definitely falls into the latter category. Rarely will we have a dedicated healer/tank etc, we just do whatever with limited communication. Generally when PuGs see the big scary yellow bar of 5 man they presume the former is coming at them and ironically are likely to form a much better composition as a result, often playing their best characters.

Usually the result is the unmatched group does very well.

I play in a 4-5 man group a lot of the time and we’re not all superstars. It’s not uncommon for us to lose occasionally against a group of unmatched but strong players, particularly in incursion. Conversely we’re hard to beat in meltdown regardless of picks since communication is much more important than composition in that mode.

tl;dr: Just because a team is grouped doesn’t mean they’re ‘pro’ or ‘pubstompers’, you’re just as likely to run into a subpar composition playing the same as everyone else.

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Important note about folks expecting pvers to have some handle the first time they go into pvp - character builds in pve are completely different from pvp, you have to play the character differently, pick different gear, and learn the game mode. It’s a lot to take in at once. There’s definitely a steep learning curve to pvp even if you’ve played pve since launch. Just thought I’d throw that out there, as I see some folks expecting others to be good just because they main a charcter in pve. It’ like learning a whole new charcter the first time you jump in pvp with them :stuck_out_tongue:


Just as something to consider, but I pay more attention to their titles used than CR levels to form an impression on what their playstyle/level of skill might be…

Generally if the premade has coopetition, old man cranky through their ranks there has been a high correlation between the level of stompage experienced.

However I do agree that level 100 isn’t always an indication - played a match with everyone under level 15 with me being the only 100 (as my fav bringer of chaos, Orendi) and we managed to hold our own despite losing which was a morale boost I think for the lower levels as they all stayed for the next match.


Well…I have to agree with the idea of hiding command rank…it means nothing…I am the perfect example. I am level 100 and learning PvP for the first time in my 62 year old life. After having been stomped…and taunted…and yelled at over a microphone…and told I suck…for about 6 weeks.

I had to heartily agree…I DID suck, but I really couldn’t care less,. I was learning.and constantly improving… Now I can hold my own and while I don’t have the fast twitch like a younger player., I usually wind up ahead on kills/deaths and wind up on the winning team about 50% of the time. It will probably be about the best I will ever do but I’m OK with that and having fun.

But this idea that PVE players are “bad” ??

Or that PVE players don’t know their character is just…well let’s just say I disagree.

On the contrary, I find PVE players FAR better at grasping a team concept that includes an OBJECTIVE like incursion matches. Not just the gang up and beat away of death match.

It’s just a different concept and type of play. However, I have nothing but respect for the teams that maximize their character strengths and mesh in hunter killer teams and are VERY successful at killing other BB players.

But many of the so called “good” players simply try to get kills instead of working towards the objective.

And I kinda laugh when a lot of the PvP players look down their nose at others. It’s just a game. And in fact this attitude actually hurts the game as new players venture in, get stomped and taunted…never to step foot in the game again.

It’s just a game.

I respect skill in anything…but I’d be far more impressed by folks who tell me that they:
are raising a family successfully
have stayed married and loyal
are good citizens in the community
served honorably in the service

or just try their best every day to be a decent human being who treats others like they would want to be treated.

Gaming is GREAT…but it’s just a game.

It ain’t life…trust me.


That can be true. Some titles can be a better measurement of how much experience a player might have in pvp. For example “Medicinal Use Only”.

Not so much titles like “Worthy of song” because I’ve seen players as low as level 14 having it and when I see how they play… Well let’s just say they match their skill to their level.


In fact, we’re not even all men. :unamused:

It’s true though: people can read way too much into that yellow line, and there’s been so many bonus xp events, CR100 doesn’t even necessarily indicate time spent playing anymore. So it helps not to think of a team of 100s as a coherent bloc. Some players will certainly be better than others - may even be carrying the others. Try to identify the weaker links, apply pressure, and you may well get the premade to collapse more effectively than if they weren’t grouped up at all. :wink:



A hearty “Well said!”

Yes please. I’m CR 100 and suck, I don’t want people to get their hopes up when having me on their team :smile:


This should have happened a long time ago, the general consensus among forum members seems to be that CR doesn’t matter and never really has, it’s an indication of time played and not necessarily of skill, experience perhaps but there’s no correlation between the two, you can be a rookie but have natural talent and vice-versa.

Sadly, many non-forum members don’t seem to feel the same, and there are still some among these ranks who are impatient or lack the confidence to even attempt to face a premade. If not remove CR, why not remove the yellow bar that signifies a premade? I’d still like to know if I’m playing against a bunch of sub-20s so I know not to go full tryhard, although they may not be as impressed if they saw a full group of 100s so… Perhaps removing both is best.

I used to think this mattered, but I don’t think it really does anymore. They could have “boosted” or just played against a vastly underskilled team. Yes, underskilled is totally a new word now, screw you GBX forums and your squiggly red underline! Also, GBX has a squiggly red underline? Come on guys, COME ON!

We inadvertently got a CR29 player Old Man Cranky last night. And I swear, we weren’t stomping - I actually played as a pacifist Attikus, using only quick melee to knock people off the pads :grin: