Yesterday's Patch?

While playing and pressing esc to restart for a farm, a pop up menu say to go into the menu for a new update to install or something, but nothing was downloading by epic.
There was a patch? Where i can find patch notes here? I have a hard time to find them, maybe i am blind :joy:

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In my experience it’s most likely a cryptic notification that you got mail, accessable pressing ESC and social

Nono was nothing about the social menu, it clearly say to exit the game to install updates but i don’t see any download going.

This happened twice to me so far.


I noticed one thing after that update - the fixed FOV option. Befeore it didn’t work at all, for me atleast.

This same thing happened to me on PS4. Exited game to check for update and it said that I had the latest version which was the 1.01 day-one patch.