Yet an other issue with the former non-steam CD version of Borderlands ( DLCs)

Hi everyone.

I recently wanted to play BL1 online with a friend, learned that GameSpy shutdown its service.
And also that it can be “converted” to a Digital-steam version which i did with the steam tool.

But i have no CD keys for the DLCs in my GOTY box.
Here is my box version and the only one key i’ve got in it:

The Key is enough to install the game with the DLCs outside of steam.
In Steam i can see that i have BL normal & GOTY editions through the shop (not DLCs), but in the Library only Borderlands without DLCs shows up.

I’ve read several advice but :

  • I have not an old GameSpy Account
  • The “DLCSetup” files are not in my steam folder and even if they were, I haven’t any key…

Can anybody help me out of this?

(Sorry if my english isn’t perfect, I’m french)